What’s new at intelliHR: June 2021

It’s time for an intelli feature update!

We are constantly improving and revising our product based on the needs and feedback of our customers. Our customer listening and support is one of the things we pride ourselves on most. Check out this roundup of brand new intelliHR features, based on your feedback!



You can now take all the notes you need, in-platform, with privacy settings available. Keep notes from those important meetings safe and confidential in the system, with restricted diary notes and private notes features now available.

Restricted Diary Notes

The Restricted Diary Notes feature allows your HR team to protect and store sensitive data with ease on an employee’s profile. This permission-based feature allows System Admins to restrict access to specific diary notes, meaning notes can be privately stored to an employee’s profile.

Private Notes

Additionally, users can also create their own private notes and save them to revisit and reread later down the track- all saved privately to their account. It’s a way to record sensitive conversations and keep record of things they might want to refer to later.

Private Notes provide a quick and easy space to privately record any memos or updates, these notes can also be shared directly between people if permissions are assigned to do so. To maximize information sharing within your business, anyone can receive private notes. Notes are like having your own little notepad in the system!


Our analytics system is always adapting and evolving to give our customers the best oversight possible for their teams. Check out these great new updates!

Default Manager Access

At intelli, we’re all about bringing the data to the people, and this new feature helps to do just that. This analytics update means that managers now have direct access to the data and analytics that are relevant to their team, without the system admin needing to create a report for them.

The most recent feature enhancement is that manager subsets can be defined by business unit, entity, location or pay grade. For instance, if you have varying levels of access required for managers in different locations in a global business, you can now set these permissions accordingly. This is a great update for globally dispersed businesses and teams!

Once access is granted by a system administrator, anyone who’s a manager or people leader can now gain access to the data and dashboards of their teams and action that data accordingly. This update saves system admins from creating updates for each manager in an organization, and makes it that much easier for managers to see and use the data that’s related to their team.

Row Data Table Improvements

Our customers tell us that outside of all the great features and analytics our platform delivers, the UI and designs are just as good and make our platform that much more user-friendly.

This update has seen the row data moved, so that it’s now accessible from the icon on the right hand side.

What does that mean for you?

  • You can now access the row data from anywhere in the page- no more endless scrolling down to reach the bottom!

  • By only showing the row data when you actually click the icon, the page is quicker to load, delivering an overall better user experience.

Persistable Analytics Filter

Although we love running reports as much as the next person (data, data everywhere!), sometimes it’s just a lot easier to be able to save report filters and revisit a report to have everything set up and ready to go. That’s exactly what persistable analytics filters do (we know, it’s a mouthful). Just set up your report exactly as you want it, with the necessary components and filters applied, and save it as a filter. When you return to the report, you can reapply that saved filter and re-run your data.

Save multiple filters and rerun reports, compare findings from prior months, and compare the analytics based on the reports. Persistable analytics filters make it that much easier for you to interact with and compare your data, and build insights from your findings.

Wellness check-ins

It’s now easier than ever to check how your team is tracking with our new Employee Wellness analytics page. Simply navigate to the analytics page and see who’s doing well and identify team members who may be struggling.

The updates don’t stop there! Filter the data on the analytics page by selecting any keyword so that you’re able to find information easily and configure your page for the charts you need to see. This allows you to focus on the data that matters most to you.


Go1 Native Integration

This is a big one that we’re super excited to announce: we now have a native integration with training partner, Go1! This is big news as it means that intelli’s analytics features can be used to track, monitor and report on training undertaken through Go1’s comprehensive platform.

The new native integration enhances our strong performance and compliance capabilities. Through it, users can now seamlessly identify training and skills gaps within their organizations within intelliHR, deliver required learning and training in GO1, and visualize it through intelliHR’s comprehensive reporting and analytics HR platform.

Read more about this here.

Technical improvements

Staff-Only Export

We’re really excited to share this one, as a direct result of listening to customer feedback. Hold onto your hats, folks- we’re excited to share that the ‘Staff-Only export’ improvement is now live!

Previously, an export of people data from the system also included your old leavers and those who are no longer with the business. Now, the staff-only export means you have a view of those who are currently with your organization, keeping the data cleaner and more manageable for you to use.

From People, just click Export People, where you’ll have the option select either Current Staff only or All Staff (contains all Past and Upcoming staff members) export. This is a quick and easy way to check data across all staff members.