EMM Consulting

EMM began their journey in 2008 and have been helping their clients achieve excellence in environmental planning, approvals and compliance ever since which has led them to doubling in size over the past two years. As industry-recognised experts in planning and environmental consulting with a strong focus on their clientele, EMM have prioritised performance reviews to ensure that a quality service is being provided to their community.

Staff: 200+
Office: 7
Industry: Consulting

Read the highlights of EMM Consulting’s experience below or download the case study below for the full details.

The challenge

Prior to intelliHR, EMM Consulting was conducting their performance process entirely through email. There would be surveys and forms distributed to managers, employees and customers in bulk, which when returned (after a few follow-up emails) would then be manually stored on the employee’s file before finally being sent to the reviewers to compile. This process was manual and took approximately 10 hours on average to complete per employee!

We really wanted to have something – not just for the People team to make our lives easier – but for every person within the business.

Olga Deakin

Olga Deakin

People & Performance Manager at EMM Consulting

The solution

With the help of intelliHR alongside the brilliant People and Culture team at EMM, we were able to streamline the performance process to save time and effort for all involved. The entire performance process is now located on intelliHR, which sends out all the relevant surveys, and when one is completed the next form is automatically triggered.

Thanks to performance data being centralised, EMM was then able to tailor the performance surveys to five different levels of responsibility within the business. This allowed for more accurate and applicable information to be gathered from previous models where information gathered was more general in nature.

We did look at 6 different software systems (before intelliHR) – and we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve achieved already!

Olga Deakin

Olga Deakin

People & Performance Manager at EMM Consulting

Outcome #1: Efficient performance reviews

intelliHR features a performance report that summarises the key information in one place; no more copy/pasting or flicking between tabs during review meetings. The mechanism for delivery is now all done through intelliHR, no pesky following up is needed as the system reminds those who haven’t completed forms when they’re due.

Key Takeaway

EMM used intelliHR to reduce time spent on individual performance reviews from 10 hours to 1 hour.

building out performance report

Outcome #2: No manual document storage

All completed forms are stored on the employee profile for easy access, which also saves time as there’s no manually saving documents to employee files anymore.

Key Takeaway

Access to one storage spot for all employee details rather than scattered files and spreadsheets.

Outcome #3: Inbox = Unclogged

EMM’s performance process can now be triggered with the click of a button, which puts the time back in the hands of their People team. The forms are easy to fill out and there are no more clogged inboxes and endless follow-ups leaving the EMM team with that intelliHR smile.


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