Fujitsu has their best financial year yet after implementing intelliHR

Fujitsu General is a leading supplier of air conditioning products in Australia, with a comprehensive service network in all major capital cities across the country.

Staff: 200
Office: 5
Industry: Manufacturing

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The challenge

The People & Culture team at Fujitsu General partnered with intelliHR after identifying the need for an HR software solution that provided more than just a payroll and administration solution. They required a strategic platform that would grow with them and help develop their people management practices. Like many Australian companies, Fujitsu values the importance of culture and community, so they searched for a software solution that would support objectives around building and strengthening culture.

Key Takeaway

Greater engagement and alignment to a ‘#awesome’ culture is a key outcome that Fujitsu has experienced.

The solution

Fujitsu General hold high expectations of being a company with an aspirational workplace, where performance is enabled and where there is a culture of ownership, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Using intelliHR, the company has achieved a better performance culture, based on trust and ownership, which has improved the completion and value of Key Result Areas (KRAs) and health check-in tasks. Employees are more engaged and aligned to the business, more connected with their goals and are having better and more meaningful conversations with their managers.

intelliHR has been a tool that has helped us with the journey of creating a great place to work.

Sarah gatehouse

Sarah Gatehouse

People & Culture Manager at Fujitsu General

Best of all, the People & Culture team has significantly reduced the time and energy spent on manual reporting processes and compliance tasks, enabling the team’s energy and focus to turn to strategy. The real-time insights through intelliHR analytics has given the business a strategic edge. The People & Culture team are now in the driver’s seat to develop their staff and leaders, recognise high performance and be at the forefront of people trends and challenges.

Key Takeaway

Fujitsu has recorded an upwards trend in their workforce ‘Happiness’, achieving a rating of more than 7 across the entire business.

Outcome #1: Greater engagement and alignment with an ‘#awesome culture’

How did Fujitsu develop their thriving culture? People & Culture Manager, Sarah Gatehouse, stands behind delivering a #Awesome culture via the company’s PRESTO values methodology through performance reviews, monthly check-ins and goals, this has seen the adoption of an innovative and fun rating scale classified as Needs Help, Good, Great, #Awesome. Improved processes, using intelliHR as the conduit, have seen advancements in this culture.

Since using the platform, Fujitsu has recorded an upwards trend in their workforce ‘Happiness’, achieving a rating of more than 7 across the entire business. “intelliHR has been a tool that has helped us with the journey of creating a great place to work,” says Gatehouse.

Key Takeaway

94.77% from 25% before introducing intelliHR on engagement goal setting.

Outcome #2: 94.77% engagement on goal setting

Fujitsu had an objective to develop a more active approach for staff to work on key result areas (KRAs) and goals, setting a target to increase engagement from 25% to 90%. With the intelliHR platform, Fujitsu are now using goals actively and the performance process in tandem, which works effectively as seen through their very high adoption rate. Fujitsu has also created several touchpoints in their workflows and forms to ensure that prompts are there in check-ins, so managers can monitor how employees are tracking to their goals.

Through goal setting training and focus groups held with intelliHR, the People & Culture team has achieved a 94.77% engagement by working with leaders and staff to set expectations in and around the use of goals in the business. The flow-on effect has seen one-to-one catch-ups translating into great outcomes for employees and the business as a result.

Key Takeaway

98% Completion rate check-in and KRA performance processes across the business.

Outcome #3: PRESTO! Measuring performance against company values

Fujitsu introduced intelliHR to the business with a monthly check-in pulse and a KRA performance process that followed their PRESTO values methodology across onboarding and performance, measuring across a #awesome rating scale (Needs Help, Good, Great, #Awesome).

The intelliHR platform was able to assist Fujitsu to track performance of their staff against their values via a customisable form, which the Fujitsu team were hands-on in designing. Comparative scaling has helped Fujitsu identify gaps occurring in employee-versus-manager ratings, enabling managers and the People and Culture team to develop strategies to improve these.


intelliHR is a people management platform helping HR, leaders and managers enhance performance, culture, engagement and retention. With built-in HRIS and powerful real-time analytics.

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