Inspire CA improves employee engagement, reduces manual HR processes and technology costs

Inspire is a firm on a mission to change the common perception that accounting is “boring”. They achieve this for their clients every day by driving outstanding results with out of the box thinking (and execution). At the core of their business is a focus on people and a constant desire to find a best practice solution for everything they do, whether it be for their clients or their team members.

Staff: 15
Office: 3
Industry: Chartered Accountants

Read the highlights of Inspire’s experience below or download the case study below for the full details.

The challenge

Inspire had a few core goals in mind before implementing intelliHR:

  • To protect and support their awesome team culture.
  • To make their team compliance and personal development more efficient.
  • To know that their team was doing well, and maintain a human touch in the two-way feedback between managers and team members.
  • To reduce inefficient admin work as much as possible, increase consistency and stop having to keep remembering things that had to be done.
  • To introduce structure and discipline to their performance processes, while reducing the burden on their managers and team.

The solution

intelliHR helped Inspire to automate and enhance all aspects of their people management. We’ve made it easy for them to focus on their work while we help them take care of the team, supporting them with best practice HR workflows. Using intelliHR, they’ve been able to maintain a consistent employee experience which ensures their people are happy, aligned, productive and growing.

When I first heard about intelliHR, I thought hang on, ‘where have you been all my life?!’ – or at least the past seven years of Inspire’s life!

Ben Walker

CA & Founder at Inspire CA

Outcome #1: Efficiency

As an accountant, one program Ben and his team naturally can’t live without is Xero which they support their clients with, and which they also use for Payroll. Payroll is such a complex and critical component, that Ben did not want to compromise on it. By using intelliHR, he can keep his Best of Breed Xero payroll system in place, and simply integrate it with his people management. Now when new team members are added into intellIHR, they will receive intelliHR’s best practice on-boarding processes, plus their key details will be captured during this process and automatically transferred into Xero with a new team member established, saving any double-handling.

Not only is this a huge time-saver, but it adds to the employee experience as staff only need to provide all their details once during their online onboarding process. Errors can also be minimised, as the need for any data entry is drastically reduced, and no one is trying to decipher hand-written forms!

Key Takeaway

intelliHR gave Inspire managers the ability to help their team members, as well as frameworks to reduce any unnecessary admin.

Outcome #2: Automated consistency = nothing gets forgotten

intelliHR makes it easy to create a consistent employee experience, one which is all about your business and supports each of your team members with their own personalised journeys. Onboarding work, policy rollouts (and updates), probation management, compliance, CPD hours, training and feedback can all be automated to make sure nothing is forgotten. The outcome is simple; you can help your team and their managers be their best, without the burdensome processes or paperwork headaches.

Diary Notes and Performance management processes are another key compliance area intelliHR assists with, helping the organisation to stay compliant with Fair Work legislation, while also supporting managers in showing them what steps to take, which is particularly beneficial for new leaders or those who haven’t dealt with a performance management case before.

Key Takeaway

Inspire transformed their performance management approach from a manual and reactive one to a proactive one.

Outcome #3: Team focus – keeping it human

intelliHR passionately believe in helping capture great feedback from all levels. Being able to respond to this feedback and provide aggregated insights across teams on how we add value to organisations. intelliHR provide structured light and regular feedback, which not only reduces the manager’s burden, but delivers regular human interactions to all of your team. Our experience is two-way continuous feedback is the key building block to transforming a team’s performance and culture. In a matter of minutes, our check-in captures achievements, how team members are feeling, roadblocks they face and support they need, providing a great runway for leaders to respond to and the opportunity to build trust and transparency.

With intelliHR, firms can build, configure and automate personalised journeys for new team members from best practice workflows backed by real-world testing. We work with each organisation, adapting our processes to suit each of their roles and practice locations. This allows them to achieve more, build trust and transparency and improve culture. Not only can firms take care of all their people management tasks in one platform, but intelliHR automatically analyses this information providing you with a single point of truth and powerful oversight.

Key Takeaway

Inspire uses the Happiness Analytics to understand their employees better and spot potential issues that may arise.


intelliHR is a people management platform helping HR, leaders and managers enhance performance, culture, engagement and retention. With built-in HRIS and powerful real-time analytics.

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