McCullough Robertson halves tech costs and streamlines 8-month HR process down to 6 easy clicks

Always putting their clients first and finding ways to elevate their business defines who McCullough Robertson Lawyers are and how they go about doing business. McCullough Robertson Lawyers pride themselves on being an Employer of Choice that supports and enables their people to have successful and sustainable careers. At McCullough Robertson, they don’t just commit to encouraging and nurturing their employees — regardless of gender, age or background — they follow through on it.

Staff: 350+
Office: 4
Industry: Legal

Read the highlights of McCullough Robertson’s experience below or download the case study below for the full details.

The challenge

McCullough Robertson were faced with the complexities associated with managing staff across four offices around Australia. With a workforce of more than 350 employees, managing people records in five different systems with no integration between each made the whole HR process an onerous task. It was important to the Human Resources and Leadership teams to move to a central platform to help create a business to capture all its people data, wanting to ensure that this information was leveraged for a positive employee experience.

Key Takeaway

With intelliHR, McCullough Robertson Lawyers streamlined the performance review process from 49 clicks to just 6 clicks for staff.

The solution

Director of Human Resources, Louise Ferris outlines many achievements using the intelliHR platform, including solving the problem of staff disengagement with review processes. Making changes that the business sees has value in the Legal industry is difficult, but from the first “check- in”, partners have seen value from the interaction. The platform is helping the company ensure higher engagement with the performance review process and allowing the HR team to be more nimble with fewer manual processes.

The feedback from employees and supervisors is extremely positive.

Louise Ferris

Chief People Officer at McCullough Robertson

Their end-to-end performance review process used to take a staggering eight months to complete. With intelliHR, they have streamlined the process from 49 clicks to just 6 clicks for staff. A key benefit of intelliHR has been the cost savings achieved through consolidating systems down to one platform. With intelliHR, McCullough Robertson has halved the HR technology cost for the business.

Key Takeaway

HR team can identify workforce attributes between the two entities, such as remuneration, headcount, age of staff, tenure, happiness and sentiment analysis.

Outcome #1: A more engaged review process

In addition to reducing administrative hours involved with the preparation for reviews, the firm was driven to improve engagement with staff during performance reviews. Using the flexibility of the platform, McCullough Robertson designed a performance process for their lawyers as they grow through each year at the firm. This involved collecting feedback from both employees and managers which created a more aligned approach to goals and performance at the right level for each employee.

By focusing the performance review on their core areas of personal leadership, development, client experience and delivery, they have embedded the McCullough Robertson employee experience throughout their business.

Outcome #2: Less paperwork, more time on people

The Human Resources team at McCullough Robertson faced a real challenge managing 350 staff across four offices. Their processes required a vast amount of administration, making it hard to improve systems and processes. Automation tools helped process consolidation and freed up time for the Human Resources team. This included automating processes around performance management and reviews, onboarding, and setting continuous feedback mechanisms.

The ability for the team to make their own changes, customise and build new processes with intelliHR tools, now means they are self-sufficient with greater control of their own systems and processes.

Key Takeaway

Now able to see in real-time, a clear view of the business through easy-to-view analytics and personal dashboards.

Outcome #3: A clear view of the business through analytics

Running multiple systems, the Human Resources and Leadership teams had limited visibility over their people and teams. A disconnect in data meant McCullough Robertson was unable to identify accurate tenure and attrition rates, or gauge staff satisfaction. Now with one central data source and data collection coming from several tools within the platform, the firm is now able to see in real-time, a clear view of the business through easy-to-view analytics and personal dashboards.


intelliHR is a people management platform helping HR, leaders and managers enhance performance, culture, engagement and retention. With built-in HRIS and powerful real-time analytics.

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