Tech scale-up Felix uses intelliHR to give employees a voice, minimise risk and create an amazing hybrid team culture

Founded in 2012, and based in Brisbane, Queensland, PlantMiner is a trusted marketplace for people to list, find and hire equipment and subcontractors around Australia – on any device, anywhere, anytime. Their mission is to simplify procurement for all Australians. Doing everything from product development to marketing, Plantimer aims to empower their users and give them greater confidence when it comes to comparing quotes and hiring the right business for the job.

Staff: 60+
Office: 3
Industry: Mining & Construction

Read the highlights of PlantMiner’s experience below or download the case study below for the full details.

The challenge

PlantMiner (now Felix) was looking for a solution to help them scale fast without diluting their culture, bring together their remote team, minimise risk and give employees a voice through feedback.

Luckily, intelliHR was able to help them fulfill all of these goals.

Key Takeaway

With intelliHR, PlantMiner keeps culture at the forefront by implementing a continuous feedback process, moving processes online and maximising compliance to reduce risks.

The solution

With a robust automated continuous feedback process now in place, managers at Plantminer can now gather all the feedback they need in real-time, rather than having to wait 6 or 12 months for a formal review. In this way, even the smallest issues can be conquered before they have a chance to progress.

They’ve also been able to ditch paper, taking all of their processes online, and get better visibility over compliance using our Analytics tools to minimise risk in the business.

Giving the team more of a voice is what we set out to do – and I think we have achieved that.

Dan Wilson

Managing Director

Key Takeaway

Ultimately, PlantMiner has been able to keep their great culture at the forefront as they grow.

Outcome #1: Making a great culture scale

A great culture has always been a priority for PlantMiner from day one. For them, this takes shape in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, flat management structure and open-door policy with all managers.

This is where Platminer started, but as they began growing rapidly in headcount, they wanted to ensure this same great culture could be maintained across multiple teams, and even across oceans, as they scaled.

Key Takeaway

intelliHR enabled PlantMiner to get consistency in all their processes, and deliver the same inclusive experience to all staff at scale, wherever they are in the world.

Outcome #2: Supporting a remote team

PlantMiner has staff across Brisbane, Poland and Manila, which can naturally present some challenges when trying to keep all employees feeling like part of the team and keeping communication open.

People and Culture Manager Clare uses intelliHR as a way to help all staff feel connected. Little details like being able to easily track staff birthdays has really helped her keep PlantMiner’s inclusive culture consistent across remote teams.

Dan also finds having intelliHR in place really helps to inform future check-ins with staff, especially when they are based overseas. Managers can easily note down any points they might want to chat about in the next Skype meeting or phone call, and nothing is missed or forgotten about. It also means everything is accessible in a couple of clicks thanks to IntelliHR’s Performance Summary Report making future performance catch-ups a breeze.

Key Takeaway

Now able to engage with an overseas-based employee as if they were based in the office.

Outcome #3: Putting a long-term solution in place

While the team originally selected intelliHR for its best of breed capabilities in their key areas of focus – feedback, risk mitigation, and culture support at scale – they’ve since discovered more ways to improve their people management that they never even realised were a possibility before.

They’re also enjoying the configurability of intelliHR, and having support from our Customer Success team to help tailor the system to their needs as they grow.

Our configuration tools mean PlantMiner has been able to tailor every form, workflow and process to their exact needs. This ensures every touchpoint with staff is aligned to PlantMiner’s values and the unique employee experience they want to create. Every interaction staff have with the platform, from continuous feedback to performance processes, helps keep them engaged, and maintains PlantMiner’s excellent culture as they scale – no matter how fast!


intelliHR is a people management platform helping HR, leaders and managers enhance performance, culture, engagement and retention. With built-in HRIS and powerful real-time analytics.

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