QCOSS automates HR workflows and processes to free up time for strategy

Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) is Queensland’s peak body for the social service sector, with a vision to achieve equality and opportunity for local communities throughout the state.

Staff: 30
Headquarters: Brisbane
Industry: Not-for-profit

The challenge

QCOSS prides itself on fostering a high-performing culture amongst its small team. However, the Corporate Services Department was experiencing issues with inconsistencies in their people processes, primarily caused by a manual and paper-based system. This also discouraged employees from actively managing their own information and development and consequently increased the load for the Corporate Services Department. In addition, the team wanted to leverage their existing onboarding process to increase employee engagement.

The solution

Through partnering with intelliHR, QCOSS was able to automate its core HR functions and create a single, centralized platform for information and resources for its people. intelliHRe enabled self-service functions for staff, which allowed the Corporate Services Department to focus on more strategic objectives rather than administrative HR tasks.

With intelliHR, the team was able to create automated workflows for various employee processes, including conference requests, corporate travel forms, and work from home processes. This improved the organization’s ability to accurately record and report on where funds were being spent, which is an important accountability requirement QCOSS faced as a not-for-profit.

Best of all, QCOSS has been able to reimagine and optimize its onboarding process, which was a key objective when deciding to partner with intelliHR. intelliHR’s HR software now allows QCOSS to provide consistent onboarding workflows that ensure all new employees receive information specific to their role requirements. In addition, the automatic check-in emails sent before an employee starts help to build rapport and maintain engagement between hiring and the first day of work.

One of the big things I love about IntelliHR is the visual element of it, it makes it really easy to navigate and use.

Annette Schoone

Annette Schoone

Director of Corporate Services

Outcome #1: Increased engagement with enhanced onboarding programs

QCOSS implemented intelliHR to optimize and automate their onboarding practices. Their previous onboarding program relied on manual communication efforts from the Corporate Services Department and was mostly conducted using paper. With intelliHR, QCOSS now has automated workflows that send out scheduled emails that begin to engage the new employees while retrieving necessary documents and information. This allows the organization to maintain contact and start developing a relationship with new hires during the period between when they get hired and actually start (where there is an inherent risk of losing them to another offer).

Importantly, QCOSS can now tailor their onboarding programs to provide tailored information depending on an employee’s position and the nature of their employment (full time, casual, or volunteer), while still ensuring it is consistent with QCOSS values. Additionally, intelliHR creates a centralized location to store all onboarding documentation, which helps ensure all required information is gathered prior to an employee’s start date and that compliance standards are being met.

We wanted to introduce an HR platform that puts employees and managers in the driver’s seat.

Annette Schoone

Annette Schoone

Director of Corporate Services

Outcome #2: Automated workflows for optimized training investments

As a not-for-profit organization, QCOSS is often required to provide accurate reports on where and how funds are being spent. Through implementing intelliHR, they’ve introduced automated workflows that trigger conference, travel, and training request forms. This allows QCOSS to have visibility over what is being requested and has been actioned, and use intelliHR’s strategic training and investment analytics to accurately report on where investments are being made. With intelliHR’s HR analytics tools able to easily visualize this data, the platform not only supports vital people management processes but aids in management of project-specific cash flows.

Outcome #3: A culture of accountability and development with self-service functions

QCOSS now has the ability to store, track, update, and manage all employee information and related documents in one centralized location. Not only does this assist the Corporate Services Department in making strategic data-driven decisions, but intelliHR also enables self-service HR for employees.

The self-service platform allows employees to update their personal details, manage and track goals/OKRs, and take control of their professional development. Additionally, the performance management applications allow QCOSS to actively engage with their employees and collate feedback for dynamic improvement.

It’s helped us improve the way our people do their work.

Annette Schoone

Annette Schoone

Director of Corporate Services


intelliHR is a people management platform helping HR, leaders and managers enhance performance, culture, engagement and retention. With built-in HRIS and powerful real-time analytics.

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Through partnering with intelliHR, QCOSS was able to automate its core HR functions and create a single, centralized platform for information and resources for its people. Find out how they did it with intelliHR.

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