Sheldon Interiors goes from 10 spreadsheets to one HR platform saving 60% of their HR time

Sheldon interiors is a leading fitout company that provides full project management, design and in-house manufacturing services in Sydney and around Australia.

Staff: 50+
Office: 2
Industry: Construction

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The challenge

Being able to make a positive impact on Sheldon Interiors workforce; improving accessibility to employee data and improving people management practices was a driving force for HR Manager, Belinda Maybury in selecting a people management platform. They required a central place for staff information and that could enable the function of performance management, to minimise manual processes, and improve time management.

Key Takeaway

Through powerful analytics, Sheldon Interiors is able to track staff, salaries and employment information with performance and training.

The solution

intelliHR has proved to be more than just a system to store their employees’ information, it has provided the company with one central source to manage their two business entities; Sheldon Interiors and CoDesign.

This has given the HR team increased visibility and accessibility over their people information and analytics, and cut administration time by 60%. Continuous feedback has provided the foundation for a more effective performance review process, resulting in a structure to support staff with goals and development plans.

Key Takeaway

HR team can identify workforce attributes between the two entities, such as remuneration, headcount, age of staff, tenure, happiness and sentiment analysis.

Outcome #1: One platform to manage two entities

In the one platform, Sheldon Interiors manages its multiple entities; Sheldon Interiors and CoDesign. The HR Team and leaders of the business use a business entity filter to correlate data between the two entities and cross-reference any trends. This is all while having two separate check-in and performance review processes that have been customised to each entity. Accessibility to people across the entire organisation is made easier through the one people directory and organisational chart. At a glance, the HR team can identify workforce attributes between the two entities, such as remuneration, headcount, age of staff, tenure, happiness and sentiment analysis.

Outcome #2: Giving life to performance reviews

We’re able to collate data throughout the year enables us to see information or a recognition event from six months ago. Rather than just getting a matter of opinion at that point in time.

Belinda Maybury

Belinda Maybury

HR Manager

HR Manager, Belinda Maybury acknowledges previous annual performance review processes would include an issue of a spreadsheet with a series of questions that employees and managers would complete on their work anniversaries. “We found staff would only consider the current circumstances of their work, so we were measuring performance and how staff were feeling at that moment in time.” With intelliHR, Sheldon Interiors is able to deliver a more effective and efficient performance review process, captured through the design of more relevant questions, developing goal frameworks and more regular check-ins.

Key Takeaway

Reduced 10 different spreadsheets +2 business entities to one central hub.

Outcome #3: 60% time saving through automation and analytics 

HR Manager, Belinda Maybury has been able to automate many processes that were once cumbersome and time-consuming. Managing and tracking HR data to following up team members for responses, forms and compliance documentation, Maybury reports that intelliHR has made it a lot easier for the team to stay on top of. The platform’s analytics has saved her 60% of the time that was previously spent on conducting analysis. This is now allowing the HR team to focus more of its efforts on aspects of evaluating performance and adding strategic value to the business.

Having analytics at the click of the button is amazing! I used to have 10 different spreadsheets with all sorts of people information and trying to make sense of it, having it all under one hub is extremely valuable.

Belinda Maybury

Belinda Maybury

HR Manager

intelliHR is a people management platform helping HR, leaders and managers enhance performance, culture, engagement and retention. With built-in HRIS and powerful real-time analytics.

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