TASC increases employee NPS to 83% with intelliHR’s employee and wellbeing tools

The Aesthetic Skin Clinic is a retail skin clinic specialising in exclusive, high-end non-surgical treatments using advanced technology and cosmeceutical skincare.

Staff: 12
Offices: 1
Industry: Retail Skin Clinic

The challenge

The Aesthetic Skin Clinic (TASC) sought a user-friendly HR system that would allow the management team to optimise their core HR processes, onboarding and offboarding staff, and oversee employee performance and wellbeing. Clinic Founder and Director, Maddison Temelkovski researched a centralised hub to easily store, keep track of, and access employee training documents and log important manager and employee conversations, and then identified the need for a more robust system to manage various aspects of her HR and team operations.

The solution

Through implementing intelliHR, TASC essentially created a HR, employee wellbeing, and training hub for their team that enabled them to:

  • Centralise important training documents and contracts into one single source of truth, giving easier access to employees.
  • Use HR analytics to oversee and analyse performance reviews and important feedback conversations to monitor and improve employee wellbeing.
  • Get data-driven insights into ROI for each employee’s learning and development activities and give that feedback to staff.

I love the platform; it’s easy to use, it’s nice to look at, and it has all the functions and tools I could want. It’s great!

Maddison Temelkovski

Maddison Temelkovski

Clinic Founder and Director

Outcome #1: Easy-access hub for employee information and documents

TASC gained a single source of truth platform for storing and accessing the organisation’s employee documents. What started as a hub for keeping training documentation in one place soon turned into an end-to-end platform for receiving, recording, analyzing, and measuring employee data and communication.

Employee contracts previously stored in a folder on-premises and all the important information and files scattered throughout Maddison’s laptop are now collated and organised in one place. The leadership team uses management logs to easily record and retrieve communication and conversations with leaders and staff members that are of importance.

Outcome #2: Focus on employee engagement and wellbeing

Using intelliHR, for the first time ever, TASC could track their employee performance reviews and pull that data through into their HR analytics dashboard. The management team could easily go back and reassess feedback conversations, performance form answers, and check-in submissions whenever they needed to. They implemented a continuous performance management strategy including:

  • Quarterly performance reviews: TASC can give, receive, and measure valuable employee feedback data from feedback and see trends easily in their dashboard.
  • Monthly feedback opportunities: Employees have a channel and “safe forum” to provide more regular feedback. Managers can gain a better understanding of how staff have been going.
  • Wellness check-ins: Employees can quickly and easily speak up about any challenges they’re having that they wouldn’t normally get the chance to voice within clinic time.

With these tools, leaders have been able to monitor – and improve where necessary – their individual employees’ workplace wellbeing and the positive or negative sentiment of their overall workforce. The best news is that employee engagement and happiness with intelliHR has been extremely high.

Key Takeaway

TASC achieved an eNPS score of 83% in July 2021.

The biggest measure of success is how often I’m using and checking intelliHR (I use the platform on a day-to-day basis) and how often my staff are engaging with it, including filling out their forms and check-ins.

Maddison Temelkovski

Maddison Temelkovski

Outcome #3: Data-driven insights into training and development ROI

Training and development is a major focus for the TASC team, with many therapists opting to go above and beyond their core qualifications with additional specialised courses. Regular company-wide training also takes place either on-premises or online. The management team aimed to get a better understanding of the impact the sessions were having on employee development and the ROI for training overall.

Leaders can now log information and data about each session and employee into their manager logs within their customised “training” section with the intelliHR platform. For each employee’s training session, they can easily and quickly record:

  • The type of training session that was completed.
  • How long the training session took to complete.
  • The cost of the training session.
  • Any relevant details around the employee’s training and development.

intelliHR has changed my life and transformed my business.

Maddison Temelkovski

Maddison Temelkovski


intelliHR is a people management platform helping HR, leaders and managers enhance performance, culture, engagement and retention. With built-in HRIS and powerful real-time analytics.

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The Aesthetic Skin Clinic sought a user-friendly HR system that would allow the management team to optimize their core HR processes, onboarding and offboarding staff, and oversee employee performance and wellbeing. Find out how they did it with intelliHR.

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