Lander and Rogers enables employee engagement in a distributed workforce


Read the highlights of Lander & Roger’s experience below or download the case study below for the full details.

The challenge

The challenge that Lander & Rogers (L&R) faced was similar to that of many businesses: how to keep team members engaged remotely during COVID-19 and ensure that they’re coping with the struggles brought on by a global pandemic.

Communication with a distributed workforce presents multiple challenges. It can be hard to determine that the message you’re sending has been received and you’re also left wondering how the message is being received. Are employees taking the right information from your messaging or is misinformation leaving employees with a lack of clarity which can have negative effects on performance, engagement and mental health?

Employee wellbeing, in particular, is extremely important to the team, and one of their primary concerns was the wellbeing of their teams and their ability to work comfortably and safely from their home.

The solution

The challenges that L&R faced from COVID involved them rapidly transforming their office to a distributed workforce and communicating policy changes effectively. The leadership team acted quickly to:

  • Create new policies

  • Open new communication channels

  • Introduce workflows to track employee sentiment

The People team at L&R was well-equipped to deal with the challenges of a distributed workforce with their use of intelliHR. The solution involved them creating a series of forms that were pulsed out to the organisation and compiling resources that would be easily accessible to their people. This meant that their people could access resources and communication pathways immediately and that decision-makers could see when policies were viewed and accepted in real-time.

Outcome 1: Compliance and staying updated

The People team was able to update their staff with the latest COVID-19 information and the relevant policies using intelliHR’s compliance tools, which allowed them to display the policies conveniently on each employee’s intelliHR dashboard. This meant staff had instant access to the latest version of policies including the Work from Home Guidelines and Flexible Work Conditions, which was critical while the team was dispersed.

Outcome 2: Wellbeing

The burden that a worldwide health incident and lockdown causes can have many consequences for your team. Not only is the physical health of your staff at risk, but their mental health and wellbeing too. The People Team distributed regular wellbeing pulses through intelliHR that asked team members how they were coping with the stressors and what challenges they were facing while working from home. The response level for these forms ranged from 75% to 95% and were promptly supplied so that the leadership team could respond accordingly

To check in on general wellbeing, pulses on desk set-up and ergonomic requirements were also distributed. This allowed the team to identify and respond to requests in real-time, allowing them to be on the front foot if any issues were raised.

As L&R established a good working from home culture and started to evaluate return to the office, the People team sent out an intelliHR pulse to gauge what their teams thought. 95% of respondents replied saying that they wanted to continue working from home and appreciated the safety of a distributed office during uncertain times. These results were able to be referred to the leadership at L&R instantaneously so that they were able to plan for the future accordingly.

Outcome 3: Improved decision-making

The intelliHR system kept the L&R teams connected with each other and updated on the most recent information. However, the real result was apparent when the intelliHR AI analysed the results, revealing some interesting trends in the data including the general happiness of the teams.

The convenience of being able to pulse out a survey and have the results immediately available allowed the L&R leadership team to make decisions based on the real-time data. When the People team received a response to a wellbeing survey that listed someone’s happiness as a 7/10 or lower, they were able to reach out to this team member directly to see where they could offer assistance. This connection to their employees ensured that nobody was being left behind and that when team members did ask for help, they would be listened to.

L&R used intelliHR to help foster a productive working from home culture within their teams.

intelliHR assisted the leadership team to make real-time decisions about the future of their business while listening to their team. As L&R continue with their partially distributed team into the future, the People Team will be well-equipped to look after their people.

With the use of intelliHR, the People team were able to ensure a positive transition into a distributed workforce and all issues that arose were able to be addressed immediately. The continued use of intelliHR has helped the L&R leadership to make data driven decisions. If you too would like to have a people-led strategy and proactively take steps to protect your teams, we would love to talk to you about how intelliHR can help facilitate this.