About us

The intelliHR story has grown organically and continues to evolve into the future.

We started with years of research and industry experience

intelliHR is the product of many years of research and consulting to enterprises of all sizes and industries, who all had two priorities in common: people and performance. However, it was difficult for these enterprises to track real-time performance and make data-driven people-first decisions because there was either no people data to analyze, or it was distributed across different systems, drives, and spreadsheets. Due to a lack of real-time information, neither the leaders nor the businesses were able to be responsive to issues or trends, and they had no capabilities to be forward-looking with any confidence.  


Then built a human capital analytics framework

The build of intelliHR started with developing a comprehensive human capital management analytics framework. We wanted to provide a business intelligence dashboard that showed all the important people analytics and metrics. Our customers were not analytics experts, so our software would become that for them. We traveled overseas to Canada, the UK, and the US and immersed ourselves in analytics communities to bring the best to our product.  


We unified people information for the first time

intelliHR was to bring all people information together in one centralized place for the first time in every business. We turned our attention to building a secure, comprehensive, online record-keeping system powered by automation that streamlines people data management.  


And developed cutting edge, people-centric employee experience tools

People management is fast-evolving and businesses are thinking differently about people. Leaders recognize that people are their greatest asset and they need people-centric tools to empower, align and connect their staff. Continuous feedback, cascading goals, peer recognition and gamification are revolutionizing the employee experience in leading companies. We bring the latest, most innovative tools to our customers to keep them ahead of the curve.


Always with a customer-first focus

At its core, intelliHR is a people and technology company enabling our customers’ progression to strategic, data-driven people management. Technology has always been at the forefront of our company and is the key enabler. We continuously develop our Software-as-a-Service with new features and improvements driven by customer feedback and international thought leadership.


Our vision

Today, intelliHR is focussing on artificial intelligence and machine learning to add value to our customers.

Our vision is to be the #1 people technology platform in the world, renowned for transforming workplaces for the better, with a powerful fusion of inspired people management and data science.

Our mission is to be the most valuable, addictive and must-have technology for every person, leader and enterprise worldwide. intelliHR Holdings Limited was admitted to the official list of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 23 January 2018.


Trusted by leading companies worldwide