Case Study

Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme is an independent coffee roaster supplying cafes, homes, and offices all across Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. People are at the heart of Coffee Supreme, with the company’s purpose being “better coffee for all”.

Staff: 65+

Offices: 7

Product: Strategic HR

Read the highlights of Coffee Supreme’s experience below or download the case study for the full details.

The challenge

Coffee Supreme was striving to build a performance culture but experienced issues with accountability and measuring KPIs. They searched for a solution to clearly communicate the expectations of each of their talented employees to ensure they had the opportunity to thrive in their role. Part of the problem was having no centralized resource to document and store employee information, and no optimized way to give and receive feedback, set and track goals, or manage and measure performance.

The solution

Through implementing intelliHR, Coffee Supreme developed a data-driven continuous performance management process that helped raise employee accountability through regular feedback, goal setting and tracking, and measurable insights.

The team improved their approach to performance reviews by putting in place monthly check-ins with customized performance forms, which gave them a clear picture of their employees’ achievements, tracked their happiness, and allowed for clear guidance around expectations.

Best of all, Coffee Supreme has one single source of truth that centralizes employee information, organizational resources, and performance data to help their business leaders take informed action.

Now we have intelliHR, it’s really easy to make data-driven decisions.
– Olivia Ihimaera-Dawkins, Performance & Culture

Outcome #1: Increased accountability with performance reviews

Coffee Supreme introduced a continuous performance management process which included optimized key performance reviews and monthly check-ins. The team was able to measure and take some “great learnings” through the analytics presented in the organization’s performance summary.

Their second round of performance reviews could then be completed with six months of continuous feedback in the system. Having an accumulation of this data has enabled managers and employees to reflect on their progress and achievements over time, and will provide value for future reviews.

Feedback is sent both to the employee’s manager and their manager’s manager which has enabled the company to develop an all-encompassing culture of accountability that spans all levels of seniority, roles, teams, and individuals.

It’s great to have that record of recognition which shows employees their contributions towards company goals.
– Olivia Ihimaera-Dawkins, Performance & Culture

Outcome #2: Goal setting and tracking for personal development

Using intelliHR’s goal setting and tracking tools within their new continuous performance management process, they can now measure performance separately from remuneration. With every team member having now added two goals into the system, managers can quickly and easily approve them, monitor progress, and ensure alignment with the organization’s overall objectives.

Coffee Supreme has been able to introduce performance incentives for the very first time that are based on this data. These initiatives have helped to empower employees by encouraging proactive personal development and accountability.

Every team member has added two goals into the system.

Outcome #3: Single source of truth for data-driven decisions

Before implementing intelliHR, relevant employee information was stored across multiple Google Drives, and managers were doubling up on documents. In simple terms, “everything was everywhere”. Coffee Supreme now has the ability to store, track, manage, and measure employee information, goals, and performance data, as well as organizational resources and documents, all in one place. Managers can analyze investments and make recommendations that are backed up with powerful data insights; they have the information at hand to make their case for change in areas they’d like to see improvements.

Download the full Case Study

Coffee Supreme was striving to build a performance culture but experienced issues with accountability and measuring KPIs. Find out how they did it with intelliHR.

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