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intelliHR Performance Summit: The Science of High Performing Business (APAC)

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The Performance Summit is a free virtual event for HR professionals and business leaders who want to empower their teams to reach maximum potential.

You'll learn

How can we translate leadership learnings from live high-performance environments, across competitive sports and the performing arts?
For coaches, leaders and directors, the ongoing goal is to help diverse groups and teams achieve maximum potential and work cohesively, no matter the circumstance.
But how does this translate to leadership in business? Join us to learn about how businesses can apply learnings from sports, science and the arts to improve performance.

  • Find out why businesses need to focus on performance right now, more than ever.
  • Find out how to change and develop leaders’ mindsets.
  • Learn how businesses can help individuals reach their maximum potential.

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Jul 28 2021 9:00 am to 12:30 pm (AEST)


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