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Design Thinking Workshop

Written by intelliHR on 21 Aug 2020

What’s included in the kit?

Each of the below cards can be printed out to use in face-to-face workshops. Or if you’re working remotely the same principles lend themselves to virtual collaboration environments, we often use Miro.

  • Journey Mapping: A visual representation of the process and experience someone goes through for a particular scenario.
  • Crazy 8s: A team sketching exercise to generate as many ideas as possible to solve a problem.
  • The Art Museum: A structured, 5-step decision making framework that values the quality of solutions more than the discussions.
  • Rose-Bud-Thorn: A framework to evaluate solutions or ideas from 3 points of views: Rose (the good things), Bud (opportunities) and Thorn (concerns).
  • How Might We’s: A frame to turn insights or problems into opportunities that can be used to prompt new ideas or challenges.

The power of design thinking lies in the ability for you to define the problem and map your organization on the right pathway to success. Use design thinking workshops to master the adoption of technology or processes that will transform your organization’s culture, practises and employee experiences.

If your processes or technology ecosystem are muddled or confused, then come along to our workshop at HR Tech Summit and gain the abilities to detangle your pain points, or simply experience a crash course on the methodology of design thinking!

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