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The State of HR in 2022: Find out how other HR teams are managing continued global challenges

Written by intelliHR on 17 Jan 2022

Download the State of HR report to find out…

  • How are other HR teams are monitoring performance in remote working environments?
  • What are they doing to maintain wellbeing?
  • How are they managing the continued uncertainty due to the pandemic?

As 2021 brought another year of pandemic-induced uncertainty, the world of HR continued to evolve. Many of the HR professionals in our community wonder about these questions daily as they continue to respond to ongoing challenges, while maintaining performance.

This is why we conducted the 2021 Strategic HR Survey, to help you find out what other HR teams are doing and benchmark your HR.

We surveyed 60 HR professionals across 9 countries to discover the answers to this question: how are HR teams across the globe managing continued challenges?

Respondents shared their struggles, insights and strategies. We used their responses to compile the 2022 State of HR report, including some pandemic best-practices (scroll down to download).

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Download the report

Download the 2022 State of HR report to access the report in full, with insights and HR strategies for a continuously shifting world.

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