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How to survive HR transformation with technology

Written by intelliHR on 14 Feb 2018

For businesses to succeed in today’s environment, it’s key that they get on board with technology in their HR processes. But HR transformation is not just about choosing a software provider (or multiple providers) and away you go, planning and putting in thought around how you want the change to work is vital in a successful implementation.

At the HR Innovation & Tech Fest Conference in Sydney, Louise Ferris, Director of HR at McCullough Robertson Lawyers, spoke about her insights on the HR transformation journey with a new technology, the challenges along the way and the achievements on the other side.

Before implementing a new HR software service, Ms Ferris revealed that it took a staggering eight months to complete their annual review process. The firm’s HR processes were spread across multiple software systems. There were also missed deadlines and numerous meetings meaning the annual review process was a lengthy and ‘clunky’ process. Their systems created many pain points for the firm, including: people records and content not being in the one place; no data visibility; no strategic alignment and many more. The firm was looking to retain and develop their talent, as well as improve leadership in the business.

McCullough Robertson was ready to overhaul the way they managed their people, starting with a performance review process that took them 49 clicks to produce and didn’t drive or contribute to conversations. They enlisted intelliHR to streamline their systems and HR processes. Priding themselves on being an Employer of Choice and wanting to support their people in progressing their careers, it was important to adopt processes that would engage their staff. A move to intelliHR meant that the firm would be able to improve communication, using technology to bring people together and, most importantly, taking a proactive approach to improving employee experience.

By the end of the implementation, they had turned those 49 clicks to just six clicks for their staff!

But how did they get there? Key parts of McCullough Robertson’s HR Transformation included:

  • At the outset, looking at their pain points and devising what goals and business strategy they wanted from their new system.
  • Appointing key people to project roles to ensure that roll-out was kept on track and adopted by all levels of the business.
  • Reminding themselves to remain agile, so they were able to pivot if challenges or new issues arose.
  • Setting a pace where they were able to accelerate or decelerate according to the needs of the business.

As with any implementation or business transformation, not everything progressed as planned, which is why listening and adapting as needed was essential.

So, why was Ms Ferris so pleased with their step into a new technology where they could have all their HR processes in the one place? Not only are their employees more engaged and their work life experience improved through meaningful performance conversations, goals are now being used to help drive personal and business outcomes. Significantly and almost straight away, they’ve turned their ‘clunky’ annual review process from 49 clicks down to an incredible six clicks.

“Technology delivers change with speed and helps reinforce it,” explains Ms Ferris.

“With five different systems I was paying five lots of license fees – with the progression to one system plus payroll I have halved my license fee costs per year.”

Are you ready to transform your HR with state-of-the-art technology all on one platform?

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