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The ultimate guide to HR analytics

Written by intelliHR on 16 Feb 2022

A comprehensive guide to HR analytics with best practice techniques, tips and tools for making the most of your people data.


1: Introduction to HR analytics

  • What is HR analytics
  • Terminology

2: The HR data cycle

  • Data enablement and the importance of real-time information
  • A design thinking approach to data collection
  • Data quality

3. Measurement and metrics

  • The 4 pillars of HR analytics (and top 10 metrics)
    • Culture, community and wellbeing
    • Performance and productivity
    • Risk and compliance
    • Planning and financial drivers

4. Visualization, application and avoiding bias

  • Data visualization and HR software
  • Inspiring action through storytelling: A case study
  • What’s next for analytics: the evolution of data-driven HR


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