Low-cost, STP compliant, ATO approved payroll solution for all Australian businesses.



Payroo Australia is a powerful but simple payroll software that companies love!

Look no further if you need to bring resourcing and process efficiencies, reduce administrative overhead and automate payroll compliance.

Payroo is focused on making payroll super easy and simple while being 100% compliant.

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How Payroo works with intelliHR

  • To simplify and automate your people management processes even further, integrate intelliHR with Payroo.
  • Make real-time employee record updates once between different teams within your organization. Reduce errors and remove manual, time consuming tasks for your teams.
  • Introduce an automated, simple and rich experience for your employees and their data end to end – from HR to paydays!


Technical information

Payroo is a cloud-based payroll software that automates and simplifies the payroll experience for both employers and employees!

Re-create automated payroll calculations, payday payments for Super and recruitment invoices to clients every pay run with a click of a button. Give multiple team members from across the globe access to payroll processing, seamlessly reconcile timesheets and leave balances with up to date award interpretations.

Most importantly always keep employee data up to date and let employees access their own pay information via. a mobile app. Payroo also integrates with partners such as intelliHR to give you a holistic integrated view of your business end to end.

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