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Professional services from intelliHR help you create and drive strategic outcomes. Enjoy support from a world-class Customer Success team, delivering in-depth support.

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Premium support for your needs

intelliHR’s professional services help you elevate your processes and systems through comprehensive, customer-focused support. A step above the rest, our professional services ensure you can get the most out of the intelliHR platform and maximize its value in your organization.


Need to overhaul an outdated legacy process but not sure where to start? Looking for assistance maintaining integrations to other platforms? Our support team work with you to create bespoke solutions, ensuring your objectives are met and providing world-class support along the way.

tailored to you

Workshops for your business

Tailored to your organisation, workshop offerings include an orientation to your business needs, customised workshop program development, facilitation with your key stakeholders, and delivery and build of final outcomes, forms and/or workflows.

  • Performance: “I want to transform my performance processes and track performance objectives.”
  • Onboarding: “I want to reshape and automate my onboarding processes.”
  • Offboarding: “I want to ensure employees have a smooth departure from our business, with no loose ends.”
  • Change in Role: “I want a simple, but powerful automated process for when people change roles.”

Price: Starting from $5k


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data import

Bulk data upload assistance

Experiencing any big changes to your current people, job or remuneration data? Unsure how to quickly process these in the intelliHR platform? We’ll provide you with a quote to assist and/or manage the process on your behalf!

Price: From $250/hour

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call the experts

Miscellaneous Platform Configuration

Looking to build or adjust a current process into intelliHR quickly? We’ll come alongside you in building anything from pulses to performance metrics! Reach out to your intelliHR representative to scope out your needs and a quote. We provide practical, expert assistance with any of the following configurations or set-up:

  • Pulses, workflows and form designs
  • Performance Metrics and Performance Report Templates
  • Data Exporting/Reporting
  • Email Templates/Notifications
  • Ad-hoc support or guidance in any other area

Price: From $250/hour

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Increase adoption

Bespoke Roll-out/Training

Need help rolling out the intelliHR platform to your employees and/or leaders? Let us help with bespoke tailored training sessions. We can train your team on the intelliHR platform, whether it’s understanding their new performance process or how employees will be onboarded into the business!

Price: From $250/hour

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Why intelliHR

Enable better people management

intelliHR is a people management platform that empowers you simplify, automate, digitize and take your HR and people management activities to the next strategic level.


Easily customize our system to match your organization's specific needs and requirements.

Real-time analytics

Gain visibility and actionable insights from your people data.

Industry leading support

Award-winning customer support, experienced in HR and change management.

Scientifically proven

A platform built on proven people and performance science.

Weekly team insights

Receive weekly personalized insights, based on your data.

User interface

Designed with the end user in mind, our platform is accessible and intuitive.

Speedy implementation

Achieve platform use within weeks through a dedicated onboarding team.


State-of-the-art security for your people data.

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