Can you believe it’s already been one year since the infamous “pivot” of 2020?

The last 12 months certainly taught us a lot about wellbeing, engagement and WFH, while making plenty of adjustments to our new policies and ways of working.

Reflecting on the year that was, what have we learned? What lessons are sticking with us and what are we leaving behind?

The challenges continue to vary: while some of us are continuing to WFH as the mainstay, others are trying to entice their home office team members back to the physical workplace.

Many HR managers were given the opportunity to quickly enact changes they’ve been dreaming of, with permission to move proactively. So how do we maintain the momentum and continue to improve the perception of HR as being a transformational presence in the workplace?

We’re throwing away the buzzwords (well… mostly) and getting stuck into what this actually means for our people.

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