Now more than ever, your strategic plan needs a people led approach. Understanding the talents within your organization and unlocking discretionary effort from your team will be the driving force behind success in this current state of flux and uncertainty. Adapt performance strategies for your team to enable them to develop their ability autonomously, and innovate their environment to future proof your organization.

Watch Melissa Dalton, Head of Global Talent and Organizational Effectiveness from DBM Global, Naomi Titleman Colla, Co-Founder of future forHRward, Angelo Apollos, Head of Human Resources from TravelZoo, and Glenn Donaldson, CCO from intelliHR, as they share their expertise on how to enable performance.

The landscape has changed significantly, performance is no longer about individuals hitting KPIs but rather about adapting together as an organization. Find out how to enable your team to perform as we look towards the future.

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