Culture, engagement, and performance: key ingredients to a winning recipe for success.

Your organization may have a defined “why”, but the culture is the “how” and it’s important for leaders to set the tone for how work is done. Culture is the unspoken element and directly influences engagement.

Are your employees engaged with their work and team? Does your culture support employee engagement? Influenced by a number of factors, culture and engagement are the key building blocks for team performance.

In this webinar, featuring intelliHR Partnerships Manager Jarod Hart and Kineo’s Lead Learning Designer, Jonathon Klynsmith, we’ll be exploring the link between these three topics and employee wellbeing underpins them all…

Wellbeing and wellness initiatives can change the way people think about their futures and their jobs. Investing in the wellbeing of your people can improve the big three.

Join Jarod and Jonathon as they dive into the world of culture, engagement, performance and wellbeing. Jarod and Jonathon will answer your questions on the big three and explore how different initiatives can make all the difference in your team.

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