A flexible ecosystem for unique HR challenges

Choose a specialised people platform that heroes your unique workforce and fits seamlessly into your existing tech ecosystem. Or create the solution your business needs with our best-of-breed integrations.

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Designed around your organisation’s unique needs and challenges

Solving today’s complex HR challenges requires the best tools for the job. Why settle for generalised, non-specific solutions – or merging systems that don’t natively talk to one another? As part of a flexible technology ecosystem, intelliHR empowers you to:

  • Integrate with your most-used work systems and HR tools (like payroll, onboarding, learning management, application tracking systems, and more) so data points flow through your overall HR platform seamlessly
  • Configure your systems to ensure ease of use and take advantage of purpose-built integrations instead of hacking together your existing systems for employee onboarding, performance, retention, compliance, and more
  • Ditch the spreadsheets and paperwork, and automate day-to-day HR and manual processes across the entire employee experience saving you time and resources
  • Create your ideal, future-proof, customised platform that works for your unique business, is highly configurable and grows with your organisation

Flexible HR ecosystem vs all-in-one​

Choosing a HR system that “does it all” means you might get stuck with even bigger problems; stuck with a behemoth of a new system that ticks a few boxes but doesn’t focus on each of your business’s unique needs.

From huge cost savings – to higher quality features and tools – right through to more tailored implementation, there are many key reasons progressive HR leaders are switching to flexible ecosystems over all-in-one systems. Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits.

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Connect your HR technology ecosystem

Integrate intelliHR with your most-used tools, solutions, and apps through a market-leading API bringing your HR technology ecosystem together. This creates a seamless experience for your organisation while collecting meaningful people data and insights.

Stay on the cutting-edge side of technology with agile, modern tools and apps to fulfil your HR requirements collaboratively.

Choose from our marketplace of intelliHR’s best-of-breed partners that all play nicely with one another (and have our expert team guide you through your set-up).

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We’ve just gone live with the contract automation through PandaDoc which has been a game-changer. Our contracts are now drawn-up automatically and our person and job records are done straight away through the API with JobAdder.

Amy Maiolo

General Manager, People & Culture at MICM Real Estate