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We help HR teams save two days per week on “busy work”. Request a demo and we’ll show you how intelliHR can problem-solve your unique people and culture challenges.

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Why choose an intelliHR demo?

Want to make a big impact on your workforce with data-driven analytics and insights, and a people-first platform? Whether you’re making the move to cloud-based HR or you’re considering switching up your current system, intelliHR can empower you to transform your HR for the better. The first step is seeing the platform in action.

What happens next?

We’ll give you a quick call to discuss your organisation’s specific needs and make sure we’re a good match before setting up a customised demo. What can you expect from a demo?

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    A quick overview of our people platform including automated workflows, core HR, performance, engagement and workforce reporting.
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    Focus on the key features that will help solve any current HR challenges and empower you to drive future success.
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    Understanding your expectations to support you in making the best choice for your business.

And after the demo?

We’ll make sure you walk away with a clear understanding of how the intelliHR platform works and the impact it could have on your team – not to mention how you as an HR leader can use our software to create a high-performing, and empowered workforce. 

Don’t waste another two hours on manual HR processes this week. Instead, get a handle on your hybrid working model, employee wellbeing, business performance, and the unique challenges of your work-life culture. Take the first step towards implementing the HR platform that will empower you and your workforce.

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After completing the form, you’ll have the option to either immediately book a time that suits you into one of our solutions consultant’s calendars or we’ll give you a call in the next 15-30 minutes to chat about your HR needs.

Once you complete the form, we’ll contact you to take you through a discovery call (15 minutes) to ensure intelliHR is the right fit for your workforce, business, and overall HR requirements. From there, our full-scale, customised demos take around one hour but can be tailored to suit your timeframe.

Our typical demo process plays out like this:

  • We’ll run you through the entire platform at a high level and then dive deeper into the areas that matter most to you. 
  • This may differ from organisation to organisation – we ensure that we’re focusing on features and tools that will work for your business and solve your specific HR challenges. 
  • We’ll discuss your existing HR tech ecosystem and overall HR strategy.

We want to not only showcase how intelliHR can enhance the above but also share industry tips and tricks, supporting you, as a HR leader, on your exploration of the right software for your company.

We recommend that you bring along 2-3 people involved in your HR tech strategy. This might include the following suggestions:

  • A fellow people manager
  • An executive team member
  • An IT professional

We suggest that you choose who you think should be in the room for making the decision to move forward or not with the intelliHR software. Consider who’s going to be using the platform and/or who’s going to be making the final decision on purchasing new technology. 

When you get to the stage where you need help to gain buy-in from other key stakeholders, our customer success specialists offer a thorough implementation process you can invite them to be part of knowing that: 

  • We’ll problem-solve alongside your different teams to set up the perfect system for your entire organisation. 
  • Our world-class support services will also be available to you ongoing.

After the demo, there’s no pressure to commit to buying intelliHR – and no invasive sales strategies coming your way. Why? Because:

  • We know intelliHR isn’t for every organisation. 
  • We specifically work with progressive HR leaders who want to put their people first and use HR analytics to make future-proofed decisions to drive their company forward and get the best out of their workforce. 
  • We understand if our intelligent secure people platform doesn’t align with your approach to HR – but, if you’re our kind of HR leader, we’re ready to take things to the next level. 
  • You can contact us at any time when you’re ready to purchase our software.

Chosen by progressive HR leaders

A key benefit of intelliHR has been the cost savings achieved through consolidating down to one platform. With intelliHR we have halved the HR technology cost for the business.

Louise Ferris

Director of Human Resources, McCullough Robertson (350+ HC)


We were previously managing our people data across 10 different spreadsheets. intelliHR has provided us with a single source of HR truth. The platform’s analytics has saved the HR team 60% of their time that was previously spent on conducting analysis.

Belinda Maybury

HR Manager, Sheldon Interiors


The intelliHR platform has been a fundamental shift in how we view our people data and streamlining how we manage performance through technology. As a business of over 8,000 (and growing!), simplifying performance and gaining a view of key people analytics data is pivotal to our vision. intelliHR is helping us drive faster decision-making and maintain a single view of our people

Hassan Farooqi

Director, Learning and Development, OSL Retail Services (enterprise - 8,000)


After implementing intelliHR, the following year we had our best financial year yet. That makes a massive statement to show how valuable an investment in people and technology can be.

Sarah Gatehouse

Head of People and Culture ANZ, Fujitsu General Australia