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Here’s why you don’t need a HRIS (when you have intelliHR)

Here’s why you don’t need a HRIS (when you have intelliHR)

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Here’s why you don’t need a HRIS (when you have intelliHR)

What do you mean I don’t need a way to store employee information and process HR activities? Well you do, but when you have a fully-integrated people management platform - like intelliHR - you don’t need a HRIS as well.

intelliHR was created to cover all the basic needs of a core HR system, but it also goes a step further, adding a critical next level of analytics and strategic people management on top.

As a people management platform, intelliHR gives you a HRIS and more. So here’s what you can expect from using a people management platform, and why you’ll no longer need a standalone HRIS after making the switch.

intelliHR does everything a HRIS can…

Performance Reporting with a single click – no more time-consuming review prep

You can forget more complex spreadsheets or exhaustive manual paperwork. Thanks to AI, analytics and real-time data, performance summaries are easily prepared. This allows you to focus more on strategy and goals, rather than losing valuable time to admin.

Comprehensive performance reports can be generated in a single click, at any time. Never collate data manually for performance reviews again. Cover all aspects of performance including Goals, Training, Achievements, Diary Notes, Values Behaviours, 360 Feedback in a system that’s fully configurable. This also helps avoid any bias toward recent actions thanks to timely and continuous feedback.

Not only is the performance reporting process made easier, but the outputs are more valuable for everyone involved.

All your compliance needs will be taken care of

intelliHR also helps you keep on top of compliance, supporting self management, and offering reminders when employees, certifications and work rights are due to expire or when mandatory qualifications are up for renewal. Not only does this create significant time savings but due to the reliability of automation drastically minimizes risks for the organization, reducing the threat of fines or other action if a compliance task was otherwise missed.

Employees can self manage their own records

Within intelliHR, a range of tasks can be completed directly by the employee, and employees can also access information or services they may need, depending on what access you choose to provide them with. With IntelliHR your team has the opportunity to really take ownership of their personal development.

At any time, employees can see; a real time personal performance summary, track their progress and feedback toward their goals, review the organization chart and a directory of others in the business. Your people can also update one-off forms, complete self-reviews and engagement pulses, update their mandatory qualifications and record and schedule their own training.

intelliHR is designed to be enjoyable (addictive, even) to use, so not only do employees have the ability to self-service, but they will actually want to!

Your files will be organized online

If HRIS replaced filing cabinets, then the people management platform replaces HRIS. intelliHR stores all of your important files and documentation in secure cloud storage. This means your people data and documentation is not only kept safe, but it’s accessible to the right people whenever and wherever they need it. Even if your workforce is spread across different locations, or you have staff traveling with only mobile access, key files can always be accessed when and where they are needed. People Management is also more personalized, adding more flexibility around the type of information you store and the way you capture it.

Reporting is done for you

As your organization uses intelliHR to undertake everyday HR tasks, we’re gathering and storing all the data needed to complete your HR reporting. IntelliHR’s analytics help you to:

  • Use core data to produce opinionated analytics like Survival and Attrition Analytics,
  • Use specially captured information to product Happiness and Sentiment Analytics,
  • Use relevant workflows to present relevant Training and Goals Analytics
  • Seamlessly report detailed analytics upon your ad hoc surveys

All of this Analytic reporting can be dynamically filtered with a few clicks allowing you to uncover individual and team trends just as easily as you can consider the whole aggregated organization (more on that later).

The reporting doesn’t just stop there with full automated organization charts, performance summaries and a whole range of analytics dashboards that can be pulled in just a few clicks.

Everything is streamlined

Just like using a good HRIS, using intelliHR will keep all of your processes consistent for every employee. However intelliHR offers configurable workflows meaning you can design processes and form presentations that suit your needs and brand, so you get the exact feedback you need, deliver an experience that your team values, and top it off with dynamic insights that amaze your executive team. Set up workflows once for onboarding, offboarding, change of job, performance management, feedback and any other key processes and you’ll have a set template of tasks that every employee will be taken through whenever a process is triggered.

Design processes to suit your own needs, to get the insights you need.

… And so much more

You can get a real-time pulse on your organization

If intelliHR can do everything a HRIS would do, why would you need it instead? Because it does all of this and more. intelliHR takes core HR from simply an admin necessity and actually leverages the data to provide real-time analytics, informing strategic decision making and helping HR managers keep a finger on the pulse of how their organization is tracking.

If you’ve ever wished you could have a crystal ball to see how people in your organization are feeling, intelliHR can help with that too. Sentiment Analysis allows you to measure positive, negative or neutral emotional tone behind employee comments in goals, feedback forms and other areas. This can then be cross-filtered by teams, managers, business units, tenure and more to spot areas of problem or opportunity.

Other analytics features will help you keep a handle on attrition causes, training investment, performance, health and safety… essentially everything you could want to know about your organization to help manage it effectively.

Employees can keep in touch across locations

The interactive nature of intelliHR means it has the added benefit of helping staff keep in touch and in alignment across disparate locations. Workplaces spread across multiple offices or with field workers can stay on the same page and no one gets left behind.

Goals can be set from above and shared from managers to direct reports, as well as horizontally between peers. The goals are then visible and trackable for everyone involved and alignment can be ensured all the way from the CEO to every last employee – even in organizations that are large in size or have physically separated teams.

Your culture will benefit

When the focus of HR moves away from admin, it can move towards improving employee engagement and building a healthier culture, this is the People Management difference. Freeing up time from repetitive jobs, empowers HR teams to invest time in initiatives around wellbeing, retention, engagement and employee experience.

Using automation also helps to embed positive routines. For example, the benefit of automating feedback check-ins is not just to save time, but to ensure continuous feedback is actually made a priority by the organization and completed regularly.

Onboarding is not only faster, but more effective

Speedier onboarding is often hailed as a benefit of using a HRIS (and it is) but with intelliHR, you can not only speed up onboarding but also make it more effective.

We know that the faster we can accelerate people through the onboarding process, and help them feel at home in their new workplace, the faster they can reach their peak performance and start generating a return for your business.

The holy grail of a great onboarding process therefore, is one that streamlines and saves time for the HR team, but also offers an outstanding employee experience for new starters, contributing to retention and ensuring they have everything they need to do their best work.

Onboarding employees through intelliHR gives you the opportunity to eliminate paperwork (for both sides) and check in for feedback at critical stages to ensure a successful start to their tenure.

These are just a few reasons you no longer need a standalone HRIS, when this simple admin tool could be replaced by a system that contributes to strategy. Will you be making the switch?


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