What’s new at intelliHR: March 2021

intelliHR Feature Update

What’s new at intelliHR: March 2021

What’s new at intelliHR: March 2021

intelliHR Feature Update
One of the things we pride ourselves on at intelliHR is how quickly our product evolves to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Check out this roundup of brand new features, based on your feedback!

What’s new?


Goal templates

Save your team some time with this brand new feature. Select a goal template when you’re creating a goal to keep consistency across your team’s goals.

Our goal templates allow you to create and cascade goals with the same name, description, category and measurements pre-filled and ready to be completed. These sections are also editable so that you can tailor or quickly add in information to make the goal specific to a team member.

Also if a goal template is outdated you can easily archive the template and create a new one.

But wait, there’s more?

It’s now possible to assign a goal template to multiple people at once. You’ll also be able to rearrange the order of the goal completion checkboxes.


Duplicate form fields

No more creating form after form! With this new feature you can duplicate form fields. When you’re looking to create a form and you want to reference information from earlier in the form, simply duplicate the field and get to work on the rest of your form.

So when you’re looking to create a new wellness check-in, and you want a similar style of question to one you’ve already asked, simply duplicate the field and edit it as necessary.

Editing forms

Due to popular demand, completed forms are now editable. If you want to edit a previously submitted/completed form you or one of your direct reports have submitted, it’s now possible! Edit with ease and as many times as you want with this new feature.

So if you’ve completed a check-in and you missed a section, now you can jump back in and finish the form when you need to.

Lost track of the edits? No need to worry!

All edit history is tracked along with who edited the form and when.

Calendar update

There’s been a new update to your intelli calendar! Previously just known as the Birthday Calendar, this feature has now been expanded to include job events. Now when you view the calendar, you can see when new starts will join your team as well as upcoming tenure anniversaries.

This will be a great addition for planning celebrations with your team and not missing any anniversaries.

Performance improvement plan

The performance process has undergone some huge changes that will change the way you go about improving performance with your team.

We now have a series of new templated forms that streamline the performance improvement process making managing this tricky process easier for your leaders. From the moment a performance improvement plan is activated, your leaders will be able to track escalations, notes made on improvements and when forms have been completed.

This timeline of events means that you’ll be able to understand what happened with the performance improvement plan and when. And the addition of the notes feature will explain why certain actions were taken so that you can trace back any possible issues that might have popped up.

Analytics updates

Our analytics system is always adapting and evolving to give our customers the best oversight possible for their teams.

intelli Highlights email

Catch the latest updates on your business and your team delivered straight to your inbox every week.

In your intelli highlights you’ll be able to see where your teams are performing well in a series of HR metrics such as job satisfaction and wellness. But also if there are any red flags or areas where you could focus some attention.

This gives you everything you need to know in a snapshot and if you want to delve deeper simply click through to your analytics dashboard for all your analytics questions to be answered.


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