6 reasons HR leaders choose intelliHR over ELMO

Find the best-fit HR platform to create your happy workforce and drive your organisation forward. Choose deeper people data, configurable workflows and seamless integrations with intelliHR.

What G2 reviewers say

Data from G2’s intelliHR vs ELMO comparison snapshot shows that intelliHR is preferred by customers in these key areas:

  1. HR Analytics
  2. Implementation, customer success and quality of support
  3. Automation & Compliance auto alert
  4. Meets overall HR requirements
  5. Navigation and usability
  6. All-in-one vs specialised
Elmo G2 comparison
Elmo G2 comparison

1. Empower your employees with intuitive HR tech

intelliHR provides a comfortable environment that enables your employees to easily modify their personal profiles, set their own goals, and add their skills and qualifications.

intelliHR has easy-to-navigate menus, intuitive interface and a smooth user experience – all pointing towards a high adoption and engagement rate from your employees.

2. Unlock deeper workforce analytics for intelligent decision making

We’re not just a pretty platform. We help you go beyond the surface level to get in-depth workforce insights.

Sure, most HR platforms can tell you your attrition rate, but can they tell you why it’s happening and where it might happen next? With explorative insights, you can filter, click to dive deeper, visualise and share your important people data in new ways to show progress, identify gaps, predict changes, and add layers of intelligence to your people and culture strategy.

Equip yourself with deeper knowledge about your workforce including employee happiness, engagement, performance, and compliance to make smarter decisions, company-wide. No manual calculations, no waiting til the end of the month to run reports, just powerful real-time data at your fingertips.

Elmo G2 comparison
Elmo G2 comparison

3. Set your team up for success with world-class implementation

We’ll get you set up for success with expert-led consulted implementation to help you win the hearts and minds of your leadership team, people managers, and entire organisation – and make change management a breeze.

You can even start using your system on the day of the kick-off. As soon as your data is uploaded, you’re good to go. Our world-class human support services will problem-solve alongside you to tackle your unique business challenges.

Our proven implementation processes are designed to best configure intelliHR to your unique business needs and maximise adoption. Our committed Customer Success Managers partner with you to deliver a tailored solution, ensuring you get maximum value from the platform and are fully supported every step of the way.

4. Specialised HR software that easily integrates with your tech

Solving complex HR challenges requires the best tools for the job – so, why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach when you could have an ecosystem of specialised features and integrations to power your people and culture?

intelliHR plays nicely with others; integrating with your favourite work systems and HR tools for a truly tailored experience.

intelliHR has an open API and can be integrated into over 50 best-of-breed software platforms that specialise in their field such as:

  1. Payroll
  2. LMS
  3. Recruiting software
  4. Workforce Management Systems
  5. Signing software
Elmo G2 comparison
Elmo G2 comparison

5. Simplify core HR with automation

Streamline manual HR tasks like onboarding, engagement surveys, compliance and performance management. Spend less time and energy on “busy work” and switch your focus to creating an exceptional people culture.

Empower employees to manage their own documents and tasks with auto-reminders to ensure your business stays compliant.

6. Align your team with goals, business objectives and performance reporting

intelliHR makes goal setting quick and easy by breaking the goal into objectives, targets and action items. Comments and feedback promote collaboration, and progress reports and automated reminders keep goals top-of-mind.

Gain insights into goal setting, achievement and sentiment across your organisation and teams. Dynamic and interactive goal analytics and charts allow you to explore performance by team, division, seniority, and more. Uncover trends and opportunities for improvement in just a few clicks.

Elmo G2 comparison

Enable better people management

intelliHR is the intelligent people platform empowering leaders to create happy workforces.

Schedule a customised demo

Our team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs and arrange a personalised demo.

If you’re not ready for a demo, take a self-guided platform tour of intelliHR and see how each of our intelligent HR software features work.

Schedule a customised demo

Our team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs and arrange a personalised demo.

If you’re not ready for a demo, take a self-guided platform tour of intelliHR and see how each of our intelligent HR software features work.

What our customers say

Chosen by progressive HR leaders

Thanks to intelliHR's easy handling and tools, we have managed to achieve the automated workflow that we so desired. Growth has been increasing more and more.

Franck Cyr

Human Resource Manager, Telecommunications


The system is very intuitive and easy to use. We went from a paper based annual review process to being able to track all our goals in one platform. Our licensing and qualification compliance have improved drastically due to the ease of tracking via intelliHR.

Darrin O'Brien

People and Culture Manager


intelliHR's ability to systemise our onboarding and performance management review process was a game changer for us.

Renae Lunjevich

Managing Director