Access intelliHR’s industry-leading API

Supporting our customers and partners through a comprehensive, well-documented API with new endpoints continuously added by our dedicated engineering team.

Deliver a seamless employee experience through intelliHR’s extensive API capabilities ​

Automate tools and business processes with our industry-leading API. We make it as easy as possible to update and manage people data seamlessly throughout customers’ ecosystems with access to our HR platform and other best-of-breed tools and solutions existing in the marketplace today.

Public API

Subscribe to a wide range of events and gain access to rich data

In addition to synchronising customer data, you can use our REST API to:

  • Create and update employees
  • Manage custom fields 
  • Add documents to employee profiles 
  • Send remuneration information to your payroll system 
  • Enrol employees into onboarding workflows 
  • Upload employee profile pictures 
  • Upload and update training information

Why integrate with intelliHR?

An API built by engineers who use it every day. Take advantage of quality of life features like powerful filtering and useful lookups that mean you can build faster and use less code.

Use our robust, broad range of endpoints to deliver features your customers care about. Our API tools enable features likeSMS notifications, automated compliance registries, and even the ability to seamlessly manage employee lifecycle workflows.

Leverage our rich events system to automate features downstream and send data when events occur. Trigger features in your product based on a range of activities in our HRIS such as: 

  • Onboarding
  • Compliance 
  • Training
  • Role changes 
  • Form submission

The intelliHR API is comprehensively documented, and is continuously extended with new features and events.

Ready to integrate with intelliHR?

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We’ve just gone live with the contract automation through PandaDoc which has been a game-changer. Our contracts are now drawn-up automatically and our person and job records are done straight away through the API with JobAdder.

Amy Maiolo

General Manager, People & Culture at MICM Real Estate