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Checkr offers the fastest, easiest, and fairest way to run background checks.


The relationship you have with an employee doesn’t start on their first day, or even when they accept an offer — it begins during the very first interaction you have with a potential candidate. An inclusive fair chance hiring strategy, combined with the tools to match, is a great way to fill open roles and keep them filled. Checkr helps businesses of all sizes establish productive and positive relationships with their candidates from day one. Checkr integrates with applicant tracking systems, HRIS systems, volunteer management systems, and onboarding tools to help companies to connect with potential candidates with ease, efficiency, and transparency.

  • Auto disclosure and authorization: Automate sending notices and disclosures to candidates that are required by local, state or federal laws.
  • Candidate support: Candidates have access to Checkr’s candidate portal and support team for assistance with their background checks.
  • Adverse action: If you choose not to engage a candidate, the notices and disclosures required under federal, state, and local laws can automatically be sent to the person, including individualized assessment forms for specific cities.
  • Facilitated adjudication: Fill roles faster with less risk. Identify upfront which categories of records matter for each job.

How Checkr works with intelliHR

How Checkr works with intelliHR

  • Trusted speed and reliability: Run over 1.5 million reports a month with no impact to turnaround time
  • Powerful Ecosystem: Access to 100+ partners and our proprietary data network
  • Global coverage: Background checks in 200+ countries and territories

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