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Make hiring for culture easy.


Compono offers hiring technology for modern companies that care about who they hire, and how they people work. Automatically see if candidates match the role, the team they’re joining, and your business culture, before you’ve even opened a resume.

Compono Hire is a revolutionary new hiring technology, built for all sized business. It uncovers the attitudes and attributes of candidates, assessing work personality, culture match and job fit for the role, as well as skills, qualifications and experience. It automatically ranks every candidate for you – showing you the best match candidates.

How Compono works with intelliHR

How Compono works with intelliHR

  • Make hiring for culture and team match easy
  • Save a truckload of time
  • Help avoid bad hiring decisions
  • Improve team performance
  • Improve business culture
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of hiring
  • Significantly increase speed-to-hire

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