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Go from having a team to having the A-team. You can win in the digitally-led world with the right people having the right skills. Disprz helps enterprises do that by right-skilling their teams at scale and keeping them job-ready always.

The AI-based learning & skilling suite powers the teams of the best global brands, by bringing together skill-based learning, personalized content experiences and business-linked analytics in one place.

From onboarding, continuous learning, compliance training, KPI-linked coaching, to skill-based career progression, Disprz caters to the entire life cycle of the employees – frontline and knowledge workers – across all levels.

How Disprz works with intelliHR

How Disprz works with intelliHR

Disprz makes it easier for companies to align learning with business skills, with a unified suite that encompasses the Learning Experience Platform (with in-built feature-rich LMS) and Frontline Enablement Solution. The products enable business leaders to:

  • Identify the skills needed to win in the digitally-led world;
  • Assess skill gaps at an individual and job-role level;
  • Bridge the gaps with mobile-friendly, engaging experiences at scale;
  • Measure learning impact to align it with business outcomes

Disprz is more than just a learning app. It’s a business-led skilling tool that helps organizations improve workforce productivity, build the right capability, close skill gaps, and accelerate time-to-productivity.

Technical information

  • A holistic view into learning, talent, and performance: The integration allows data to move between the HRMS and Skilling platform, turning each into a reliable source of information for employee development.
  • Democratized skill development & career growth: As employees progress through the organisation, learning programs are automatically assigned based on their roles. Skill gap assessments & learning can happen on Disprz when a role change is recorded in intelliHR. A request for review or feedback can be automatically triggered to the manager based on performance improvement data.
  • Ease of use for the employees: Direct integration with intelliHR enables SSO for login. Users can search for courses or track their learning & career progress inside the HRMS interface.

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