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Go1 makes it easy for organizations to learn, with the world’s most comprehensive online library of learning resources. Go1 pulls the world’s top online learning providers into one place, delivering all the learning an organization needs in a single solution. With over 3.5 million learners – and growing – Go1 is a world leader in online learning.

How Go1 works with intelliHR

How Go1 works with intelliHR

The Go1 and intelliHR integration allows IntelliHR’s customers to:

  • Gain access to the world’s largest digital learning library with over 100,000 learning items from the best providers in the world such as: Harvard, EdX, SkillsSoft, Coursera, amongst others.
  • Seamlessly identify training and skills gaps within their organizations and deliver required learning and training in Go1.
  • Visualize training reporting and analytics directly from intelliHR.


Technical information

L&D teams need to deliver relevant and personalized e-learning content across the organization, to up-skill and re-skill learners in many different business units with different needs.

Traditionally this has required the sourcing and procurement of content from multiple providers, whilst desperately trying to get it to reside in one location like a LMS.

Add to that added complications of key issues such as:

  • An increasing, fast paced, skills market
  • The increasing demand for digital learning, on demand, and in their workflow
  • Fragmented content and the sourcing of that content, creates complex challenges for L&D teams

By sourcing all of your content from one provider, Go1 offers a simplified, faster, more cost effective solution for the digital learning component of your learning strategy.

Whether that’s in your learning platform or ours, we work with you to make it a seamless experience for you, your L&D team and your learners.

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