Workforce management solution for deskless workforces.


Humanforce is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions for shift- and roster-driven workforces that streamlines onboarding, scheduling and time tracking for employees, while helping businesses improve productivity, optimise costs and realise compliance confidence.

Humanforce allows managers to effectively engage and empower their workforce throughout the employee lifecycle, while enabling employees to stay connected, informed, and accountable in the flow of work. Since its founding, more than 1 million deskless workers across a host of industries including healthcare, retail, sports, leisure, hospitality, local government and more have used Humanforce to set their availability to work, bid on and swap shifts, apply for leave and communicate with their peers and managers.

With 80% of the global workforce being deskless, Humanforce adopts a mobile-first, cloud-first approach to workforce management, with a focus on connecting the experience of deskless workers to the efficiency and optimisation of the business.

How Humanforce works with intelliHR

How Humanforce works with intelliHR

Humanforce, together with intelliHR, helps businesses improve their employee value proposition (EVP), at a time when the war for talent is fierce; and helps managers by reducing the admin burden of managing multiple systems, by centralising HR records and rostering data.

  • Unified rostering and HR records to ensure data accuracy and ease of reporting
  • Drive employee engagement through enabling social connection
  • Understand the needs of your deskless workforce through continuous feedback mechanisms.
  • Effectively manage performance and unearth learning & development opportunities to keep employees engaged and productive in the flow of work
  • Get deep insights into employees with powerful analytic tools at all touchpoints across the employee lifecycle

Technical information

For 20 years, Humanforce has helped its customers meet their compliance obligations, maximise the productivity of their workforce and optimise their costs. It has achieved this by elevating the needs of deskless workers and offering them solutions.

  • Rostering and Scheduling – Efficiently manage your workforce, stay on budget and in control of costs with our automated solution. Maximise the utilisation of your workforce while meeting their staff shift preferences and availability, with shift offers and shift bidding. Shift data is then used to create instant, secure records and reports, and flows into payroll automatically.
  • Time and Attendance – Record accurate hours worked. Capture clock data, maintain award compliance, manage labour budget, reduce the risk of time theft, and eliminate human errors.
  • Workforce Analytics – Workforce Analytics empowers smarter, data-driven decisions. Insightful analytics and advanced reporting uncover the patterns, themes, and drivers in the business, allowing our clients to view labour costs and to optimise business decisions. Enjoy pre-configured reports or create custom dashboards.
  • Award Interpretation – Award Interpretation ensures that our clients stay compliant, pay their staff correctly and automate processes to remove human error. Latest common award changes and annualised salary requirements are kept up to date with seamless and easy implementation of the automated awards engine.
  • Employee Experience – Shift bidding and shift swapping make it easy for workers to accept, reject or swap shifts and for managers to quickly replace unplanned absence. Messaging, notice boards and notifications foster social connection, collaborative engagement and meaningful relationship between employees and managers, building a highly motivated workforce.
  • Onboarding – Humanforce Mobile App Onboarding makes onboarding new staff quick and painless. No more paper forms or unnecessary back-and-forth document transfer – just send new hires an onboarding code and let them handle the rest. Tax, superannuation and payroll information are captured digitally in a streamlined process.
  • Core HR – Core HR includes a modern and robust set of HR tools to support workforce management requirements. Core HR tools bring convenience and efficiency, whilst uniting the workforce to improve morale and work quality. It includes Incident Reporting, Performance Reporting, Disciplinary Action Management, Employee Notes and Induction Management.
  • Earned Wage Access – Earned Wage Access allows workers to monitor their earnings, as well as access and withdraw portions of their pay ahead of payday if they need to. Financial wellness proves to have a big impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of shift-based workers. This feature offers a powerful employee value proposition to attract and retain staff.
  • Humanforce Mobile App – The free Humanforce mobile app works seamlessly with the Humanforce web application. It allows deskless workers to clock in and clock out straight from their own mobile device. Employees can view their upcoming work schedule, accept shift offers, bid for additional shifts, request for leave, view their payslips, access the wages they have earned, rate their shift experience, and stay informed instantly while they are on the move.

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