Safetrac provides compliance programs which engage your staff and promote integrity to help build long term shareholder value.


Safetrac provides comprehensive online training solutions for a broad range of compliance topics. We offer a large range of off the shelf courses, as well as the ability to customise these courses to your needs. In addition, we can create bespoke courses based on your requirements and content.

All our compliance courses are updated with legislative changes in real time, not at the end of the year or occasionally. You can have absolute confidence that your content will always be up to date- in our 22 years of business we’ve never had a Safetrac client found by any Regulator to have an inadequate training program in place.

As the winner of the LearnX Platinum Award for Best Compliance Program for 11 years in a row, Safetrac’s reputation of creating best-of-breed compliance training courseware is unmatched.

That’s because Safetrac’s training delivers compelling and engaging programs that have been proven to positively impact behaviour and culture.

How Safetrac works with intelliHR

How Safetrac works with intelliHR

Eliminate the hassle of loading employee data in multiple systems by doing the following:

  • Create a new user – when created in intelliHR, this flows automatically into Safetrac
  • Enrol a user into training – within the intelliHR system, there is a “Training” tab, from which an intelliHR contact can be enrolled into a Safetrac suite or course
  • Inactivate users who have left the organisation
  • Feedback training records and granular reporting from the Safetrac compliance platform to your intelliHR dashboard

Technical information

Safetrac provides comprehensive online compliance training courses for a broad range of topics.

Safetrac offers a large range of off the shelf compliance courses that can be tailored to your needs. They can also build any online course you require and can help convert face-to-face training into an interactive online training course. Where necessary, Safetrac ensures their interactive and engaging online courses are approved by subject matter experts.

All courses are available for deployment on Safetrac’s compliance platform, or in SCORM for deployment on your LMS.

Learn more about Safetrac and intelliHR

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