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Over the past thirteen years, Talos360 has firmly established itself as a market leader in talent SAAS solutions and online recruitment media, with our innovations in the HR software space solving tomorrow’s talent challenges.

We’re one of the most exciting and fastest growing people tech businesses in the UK, and our proprietary talent tech offers businesses a better way to attract, engage, and retain the best teams to survive, thrive, and grow.


  • Talos ATS: The complete solution to easily attract, manage and onboard the very best candidates.
  • Talos Engage: Talos Engage, our employee engagement and workforce analytics tool, gives you all the data you need to improve engagement, wellbeing, productivity, and retention.
  • Talos Attract: From job advertising to headhunting and even full candidate management, Talos Attract offers your organisation the best way to find the talent you need.

How Talos360 works with intelliHR

How Talos360 works with intelliHR

Recruitment completed, best candidates hired! Now simply send them from Talos ATS into intelliHR and create them as employees.

  • Increase in productivity and efficiency when hiring – particularly at scale.
  • Better candidate experience through faster scheduling and communication – especially in remote and hybrid work environments.
  • Access to multiple job boards and the ability to manage all applications in a centralized location.
  • Improved employer brand that attracts great candidates
  • Valuable metrics and reports to improve the hiring process (e.g. HR analytics).
  • Easier compliance with laws related to recruitment.

Technical information

  • Talos ATS:
    Talos ATS redefines recruitment software to improve your hiring process & make talent acquisition more enjoyable. It’s a complete talent delivery platform, which means you can control and manage every aspect of recruitment – from applicant attraction and candidate management, to video interviewing & onboarding. Talos ATS is far more than your standard applicant tracking system; the platform comes with a range of intuitive features to help you hire more effectively, while saving time & money.
  • Talos Engage:
    Want an easier way to connect with your employees? Talos Engage is our gamified solution to employee engagement. Your colleagues simply play the swipe-card game to give crucial feedback on your workplace values and employee benefits. This enables you to build an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and HR strategy that truly resonates – boosting productivity and retaining top performers.

Learn more about Talos360 and intelliHR

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