Achieve your best with Tanda's powerful rostering & compliance tools.


Tanda is an all-in-one Workforce Management Software package offering onboarding, rostering, time and attendance, award interpretation and payroll integrations. Tanda’s features allow you to have clear visibility over your rosters and staff, ensuring you stay compliant with Australia’s tough labour laws. Use Tanda to take away the admin and focus on running your business.

How Tanda works with intelliHR

How Tanda works with intelliHR

With the Tanda and intelliHR integration, you can easily onboard staff and keep track of employee hours using modern digital time clocks. Tanda’s industry-leading award interpretation automatically calculates correct wage rates and exports straight to payroll, ensuring you never underpay staff. Stay at the forefront of compliance trends with features like Automatic Breaks and Shift Alerts. Comprehensive rosters give live insights, predictive demand and allow you to easily build schedules weeks in advance, with crucial flexibility and easy shift replacement. Combined with a crisp user interface accessible from tablet, mobile or desktop, it makes Tanda the ultimate Workforce Management product.


Technical information

Our Zapier integration makes it simple to connect Tanda with intelliHR.

  • Onboard your employees with an automated backend and employee-centric frontend.
  • Roster the right people for the right shifts with our seamless integration.
  • Maintain unified rostering and HR records for accurate data and reporting.

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