Tribal Habits

Making workforce training simple with an all-in-one learning platform.


Tribal Habits is an Australian-based learning platform which seeks to help organizations of any size create, share and manage knowledge and training for all their employees and customers.

How Tribal Habits works with intelliHR

How Tribal Habits works with intelliHR

Our cloud-based LMS is combined with a powerful course authoring tool allowing anyone to build relevant, engaging online training. By having both in the same platform, you gain much more reporting data and a smoother experience for you and your learners.

There’s also a built-in library of fully editable compliance and professional development courses to supplement your training programs.

Our integration options through public API, Zapier, and SSO make it really easy to use without creating lots of extra administration.

Technical information

Our integration makes it simple to connect Tribal Habits with intelliHR.

  • Streamline and automate employee onboarding and induction training.
  • Seamlessly automate any changes to your ‘job roles’ with training on processes, skills and tools.
  • Easily maintain the external training records and CPD/CLE points of your learners.
  • Sync learner data and reporting lines from intelliHR to Tribal Habits to reduce admin effort and improve reporting.

Connect intelliHR and Tribal Habits through these Zapier templates:

  1. Find or create users in Tribal habits from new intelliHR jobs
  2. Create intelliHR trainings from newly completed enrolments in Tribal Habits

Learn more about Tribal Habits and intelliHR

Let us show you how the Tribal Habits and intelliHR integration can support your customers and your business. Contact us today.

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