Vantage Circle

Bring ease and simplicity to Global Employee Recognition Programs


Vantage Circle is a global employee engagement company that uses AI-based innovations to support HRs in simplifying and improving the employee experience. With Vantage Circle’s all-in-one platform, companies only need one platform to focus on the four major areas of engagement, namely— rewards and recognition, corporate discounts, employee feedback, and employee wellness.

600+ companies across 70+ countries with 1.6Million users chose the Vantage Circle platform to implement a variety of employee engagement and employee rewards & recognition programs from just one platform, for their globally diverse workforce. Vantage Circle reduces manual tasks by automating service awards, wishes for all types of celebrations, reward and recognition certificates, and distribution of awards to a globally diverse workforce. It provides transparency and flexibility in rewarding with 5K rewarding options, which include gift cards, experiences or tours, and merchandise and allows to motivate the workforce through a recognition of rich culture.

How Vantage Circle works with intelliHR

How Vantage Circle works with intelliHR

intelliHR is a people management tool that helps HR leaders to track the effort of employees, whereas Vantage Circle allows HR to motivate employees through rewards & recognition for better performance. Integrating intelliHR and Vantage Circle will allow a seamless journey for HR leaders to improve employee performance and morale inside the company.

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