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Our strategy is to raise global workforce standards slowly but surely, supporting employers to do better while empowering women to expect better.


Day-to-day, we support and celebrate companies that are truly committed to supporting women’s careers. Our endorsement is a clear sign of such commitment, making it easy for women to identify workplaces that will work for them.

Know Better – We provide HR teams with the tools, insights, and expertise needed to gain buy-in and maintain momentum for their gender equity efforts.

Do Better – Good intentions are not good enough. We support the employers we work with to take actions that will attract, nurture, and retain a diverse workforce.

Be Seen Better – Only available to companies truly committed to the careers of women, our endorsement is a sought-after seal of approval for job seekers.

Expect Better – We empower women with the information they need to choose workplaces that work for them. At the heart of this revolution is our transparent job board.

How WORK180 Pty Ltd works with intelliHR

How WORK180 Pty Ltd works with intelliHR

WORK180 provides organizations support at every stage of their diversity and inclusion journey. Our social impact goals are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for women.

We track and measure your progress towards these goals using the WORK180 Equity Audit. This process provides your organization with a holistic view of the gaps, strengths, and opportunities in your strategy, and provides you with the tools and support you need to drive your diversity and inclusion strategy forward.

We focus on long-lasting results that can’t be achieved through tokenism, box-ticking, or one-off training. This is delivered via a dedicated DEI Account Manager, benchmarking data and whitepapers, policy documents and other action-based content.

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