The world leader in the digital frontline workplace, revolutionizing how HQs & their frontline work together.


WorkJam revolutionizes the way HQs and their frontline work together. As the world leader in the digital frontline workplace, WorkJam combines two-way communication, task management, learning, scheduling tools and more to drive efficiencies and productivity. Available in over 45 languages, WorkJam turns workflow chaos into workforce orchestration®. HQs love it for its 410% ROI and employees love it because it puts workplace competencies right into their hands. If you want a happier frontline, you need to support them as individuals with upskilling, shift scheduling, and processes – all on one app.

How Workjam works with intelliHR

How Workjam works with intelliHR

  • The Workjam and intelliHR integration allows organisations to have streamlined communications through a best of breed HR communication ecosystem.


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