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Playroll is an employee first technology platform and employer of record that enables people centric-organisations hire and pay talent in 170 countries without the need for a local entity. Playroll also offers Visa support and is a turn-key solution for companies looking to hire global talent.
Founded on over 20 years hiring and growing locally compliant teams as part of the VAT IT Group, Playroll operates on a worldwide infrastructure and can help simplify the expansion of your business

CloudPayroll Pty Ltd

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CloudPayroll is a proven, cloud-based payroll solution suitable for a small business with a few employees, a group of businesses, a franchise or an enterprise business with several hundred employees, in any industry.


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foundU empowers businesses to onboard, schedule and pay their workforce with ease and accuracy, reducing the amount of time your team spends on data entry style tasks. Built specifically for Australian businesses, and backed by an all Australian support team, foundU is designed to help enhance your staff’s experience.

LeaveCal by Finlert

LeaveCal is the ultimate solution for leave and resource availability. Professional services business using Xero across Australia, New Zealand and the UK use LeaveCal every day to help plan workloads and understand who’s in and out.


PayCaptain is the most helpful payroll solution on the planet, changing mundane payroll processes into a helpful/educational/flexible ‘getting paid’ experience.


Xero is a powerful online accounting software solution. Run things smoothly, keep records tidy, and make compliance a breeze. We help small businesses thrive worldwide. Connect to your bank to import transactions securely into Xero daily. Collaborate in real time with employees and your accountant, no matter where they are. Customize your plan to suit your needs and run your business.


Specifically designed to cater for school environments, the TASS finance and payroll solution combines an end-to-end finance system with an innovative school management platform – providing intuitive workflows and allowing you to connect staff and leverage data from multiple operational areas around your school’s community.


DataPay is a cloud-based enterprise payroll and human resource software solution. It manages confidential employee personal and financial data. DataPay is updated to follow the latest regulations and legislation, and maintains the highest security levels of confidential information.


Improve productivity with Definitiv’s payroll and workforce management software, designed to meet the needs of today’s employers. Definitiv is are a 100% Australian platform.


Payroo Australia is a powerful but simple payroll software that companies love!

Look no further if you need to bring resourcing and process efficiencies, reduce administrative overhead and automate payroll compliance.

Payroo is focused on making payroll super easy and simple while being 100% compliant.


KeyPay is a cloud-based workforce management and payroll platform available in Australia, the UK and NZ. KeyPay is a fully automated payroll solution, offering unparalleled time-saving benefits to businesses of all sizes. With automated payroll calculations, employee self-service, rostering, time and attendance, paperless employee onboarding and comprehensive mobile apps, KeyPay truly changes the way businesses work and pay.