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Empower your people, power-up your business

Whether it’s a new tool, a new agile methodology or a new pivot, the tech industry is rapidly evolving and we get it because we’re in it. That’s why we’ve built a platform that helps you build high-growth, high-performing teams complete with powerful analytics to understand and improve culture, engagement and wellbeing.


Align, inspire and motivate your people with goals/OKRs, achievements and feedback.

Single point of HR truth

Unify your HR and employee records in one location and connect to your other platforms.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows and reminders built specifically to suit your environment.

Engagement and wellbeing

Understand your people and culture with feedback, wellbeing pulses, analytics and insights.

Deliver engaging, on-brand employee experiences

Onboard new staff (no matter where they’re located), nurture performance and manage policies and compliance with workflows that can be configured and automated for roles, teams and locations.

Pulse surveys and continuous feedback helps you understand satisfaction, wellbeing, culture and engagement, and AI-powered insights show you where to take action.

Feedback Analytics Employee Engagement

Align, track and achieve goals


Cascade goals to support development sprints, campaigns or projects, or employees can set them themselves. Dashboards and reminders keep goals top of mind and progress on track.

1:1 check-ins

Uncover roadblocks, celebrate successes and nurture progress with 1:1 check-in forms that reduce the burden on managers and inspire more meaningful development conversations.

Performance reviews

Ditch annual performance reviews for continuous performance management with one-click, real-time performance reports that aggregate goals, achievements, feedback and more.

After implementing intelliHR, the following year we had our best financial year yet. That makes a massive statement to show how valuable an investment in people and technology can be.


Head of People and Culture ANZ, Fujitsu General Australia

Centralized Data Analytics Attrition Decision Tree

AI, analytics and insights

With over 30 built-in reports, intelliHR provides analytics on everything from performance and training to satisfaction, engagement and attrition. We help you capture, track and analyse your people data and turn it into real-time, intuitive and actionable insights.

Build your ecosystem with a best-of-breed approach

As a SaaS business and best-of-breed people management platform, we partner with other leading tech companies to provide a seamless user experience that caters to each stage of the employee lifecycle. intelliHR’s configurable API and integrations automate the flow of data to unite payroll, recruitment, learning and training systems, and more, delivering a centralised, seamless experience.


Enable better people management

intelliHR is a people management platform that empowers you to simplify, automate, digitise and take your HR and people management activities to the next strategic level.

Highly configurable

Easily customise our system to match your workforce and business's needs and goals.

Real-time analytics

Gain visibility and actionable insights from your people data.

Intelligent workflow

Automate core HR tasks and processes to go beyond busy work.

Secure cloud-based system

Safeguard your workforce and people data with a secure single source of truth.

Easy-to-use and intuitive

Designed for all business leaders, HR, and employees to access and use.

Specialised HR ecosystem

Empower your workforce with specialised payroll, learning, and recruiting tools.

World-class implementation

Experts who problem-solve alongside you. Data visualisation within 24 hours of upload.

Ongoing human support

Award-winning customer support, experienced in HR and change management.

Schedule a customised demo

Our team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs and arrange a personalised demo.

If you’re not ready for a demo, take a self-guided platform tour of intelliHR and see how each of our intelligent HR software features work.

Schedule a customised demo

Our team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs and arrange a personalised demo.

If you’re not ready for a demo, take a self-guided platform tour of intelliHR and see how each of our intelligent HR software features work.

What our customers say

Chosen by progressive HR leaders

Thanks to intelliHR's easy handling and tools, we have managed to achieve the automated workflow that we so desired. Growth has been increasing more and more.

Franck Cyr

Human Resource Manager, Telecommunications


The system is very intuitive and easy to use. We went from a paper based annual review process to being able to track all our goals in one platform. Our licensing and qualification compliance have improved drastically due to the ease of tracking via intelliHR.

Darrin O'Brien

People and Culture Manager


intelliHR's ability to systemise our onboarding and performance management review process was a game changer for us.

Renae Lunjevich

Managing Director