When your employees are engaged, included, and empowered, they bring their best selves to work. Productivity goes up, your people culture flourishes – and so does your business. That’s why when it comes to understanding, measuring, and improving workplace happiness, it all starts with your people.

What makes a
happy workforce?

From receiving recognition for improved performance, to kicking personal goals at home, each and every employee has different drivers that help them “Work Happy”.

One thing we know for sure is that #WorkHappy extends beyond the walls of a workplace – employees do their best work when they’re supported in various aspects of their home life, careers, goals and ambitions, and downtime.

When you dig deeper to understand your people, you open up opportunities to improve your people culture and build a uniquely happy workplace.

Your business flourishes when your people do – inside and out.

Happy employees yield results in every aspect of a workplace and beyond. Check out what the intelliTEAM says about what makes them happy at work.

Fostering a culture of trust and authenticity

Individual #WorkHappy stories are different but workplace happiness always starts with active listening and authentic connections.

When employees are genuinely heard and valued, they feel safe to share what matters to them the most and what kind of support they need to feel engaged, included, and empowered to win at work.

#WorkHappy starts when we prioritize people, our greatest asset.

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Active listening: the secret sauce to our customer’s high employee happiness rate.

“Abley built a great feedback culture using intelliHR’s continuous feedback and engagement analytics features. We received lots of eye-opening employee feedback that allowed us to quickly take actions and provide extra support to our people. The system is easy-to-use and has constantly given the leadership team deep insights into the business overall sentiment and performance. intelliHR has made the process of caring for our employees so much easier.”

Nichola Blue

People, Talent & Performance Manager, Abley


Work Happy

Work Happy Challenge

Hey HR! You're the team that's always taking care of everyone else's mental health, but with 2 in 3 HR professionals feeling burnt out, who's taking care of yours?
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