Make more intelligent people decisions.

The HR platform that empowers leaders to create a better work life for their people, teams, and organisation.

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Empower engagement and performance

Build a specialised
HR ecosystem

Gain deep workforce data and analytics

Automated core
HR workflows

Born-of-HR system for empowering your people

Cultivate your best work-life culture with the system envisioned and created by HR specialists. Boost team engagement with strategic goal alignment, configurable employee experience tools, continuous feedback, check-in surveys and real-time performance data.

World-leading people analytics and actionable insights

Dive deeper into your organisation’s insights to understand your workforce and make data-driven decisions to improve your business performance. Visualise your people data in intelligent new ways to take action on the HR metrics that matter most.

Highly flexible platform for your unique HR ecosystem

Bring intelliHR together with your existing workplace technology securely or build a new HR ecosystem that meets your unique business needs. Integrate with specialist tools and features your entire workforce can get behind.

The most intelligent HR platform for business leaders

The easy-to-use platform designed for people managers, leaders, and employees. intelliHR frees your HR team, streamlining manual tasks for onboarding, engagement surveys, and performance. They’ll spend less time and energy on “busy work” so together, you can focus on creating an included, engaged, and empowered workforce backed by intelligent insights.

Why progressive leaders choose intelliHR

intelliHR is for the progressive business leaders who strive to put workforce wellbeing and culture at the heart of their business strategy, and know that happy, high-performing teams are the key. Our best-in-class, specialised people platform solves the complex challenges of growing organisations with an intelligent, human approach.

Thanks to intelliHR's easy handling and tools, we have managed to achieve the automated workflow that we so desired. Growth has been increasing more and more.

Franck Cyr

Human Resource Manager, Telecommunications


The system is very intuitive and easy to use. We went from a paper based annual review process to being able to track all our goals in one platform.

Darrin O'Brien

People and Culture Manager


intelliHR's ability to systemise our onboarding and performance management review process was a game changer for us.

Renae Lunjevich

Managing Director


The platform’s analytics has saved the HR team 60% of their time that was previously spent on conducting analysis.

Belinda Maybury

Managing Director


Smart solutions that scale with your workforce

Whether you want to boost employee engagement, understand workforce performance drivers, or all of the above, intelliHR empowers your organisation with easy-to-use, comprehensive features, configured for you.


Inspire meaningful conversations with real-time continuous feedback, 1:1 check ins, org chart, eNPS analytics, and more.


Empower employee performance with customisable performance reviews, goals and analytics. Configure for your unique HR needs whether that’s at a team level, geographical region or business unit.


Align HR to your organisation's strategy with business-wide visibility of your team’s performance, engagement, skills and qualification compliance.

Enterprise capability, mid-market price. See our plans and compare solutions.

See how it works

Guide yourself through our interactive intelliHR platform tour and see how it helps leaders centralise their people data, automate manual processes, monitor employee happiness, support team performance – and more.