Allara Global

Allara Global is on a mission to improve skills and drive performance within the hospitality industry through engaging online learning.


Bonusly is an employee engagement solution that combines 360-degree recognition, meaningful feedback, and rewards that employees love to keep them engaged and satisfied. Bonusly helps you celebrate everyday contributions and key milestones, automate time-consuming HR admin processes, run and incentivize participation in company initiatives and surveys, and offer digital rewards your employees will love. Bonusly also makes it easy for managers and leaders to gather, understand, and act on employee feedback with fun, lightweight surveys of all types.

Breezy HR

Breezy is a uniquely modern hiring solution that helps you attract, interview, and hire the best talent.

Castle HR

Castle HR is your own on-demand HR team, that uses a high-impact Modern HR Roadmap to help SMBs scale the right way.

Why Fractional HR?

Fractional HR is for you if you are leading a company of 15-75 people, based in Canada or the USA, and looking to scale your team more efficiently. If this is you, you probably need help with:

– Hiring and retaining top talent.
– Compliance with new laws and regulations.

Chameleon Creator

Chameleon Creator is ideally suited towards HR or L&D individuals within medium to large organisations with 200 employees or more, who need to generate high levels of quality, engaging learning content.


Checkr helps businesses of all sizes establish productive and positive relationships with their candidates from day one. Checkr integrates with applicant tracking systems, HRIS systems, volunteer management systems, and onboarding tools to help companies to connect with potential candidates with ease, efficiency, and transparency.

CloudPayroll Pty Ltd

CloudPayroll is a proven, cloud-based payroll solution suitable for a small business with a few employees, a group of businesses, a franchise or an enterprise business with several hundred employees, in any industry.


Compono offers hiring technology for modern companies that care about who they hire, and how they people work. Automatically see if candidates match the role, the team they’re joining, and your business culture, before you’ve even opened a resume.

Criteria Corp

Criteria is a talent success company that helps organisations make more objective, evidence-based talent decisions that both reduce bias and drive outcomes.


DataPay is a cloud-based enterprise payroll and human resource software solution. It manages confidential employee personal and financial data. DataPay is updated to follow the latest regulations and legislation, and maintains the highest security levels of confidential information.


Improve productivity with Definitiv’s payroll and workforce management software, designed to meet the needs of today’s employers. Definitiv is are a 100% Australian platform.


The world’s most trusted brands use Deputy, it’s used by over 320,000 workplaces. Whether your business is 5 or 5,000 employees, we help you to simplify shift work so your business can perform at its best.


The AI-based learning & skilling suite powers the teams of the best global brands, by bringing together skill-based learning, personalized content experiences and business-linked analytics in one place.

Distinctive, People, Performance, Learning

Have all the support of a HR Manager without the cost! We solve the problem of HR support for small to medium sized businesses who need HR but aren’t quite sure where to start. We work with anyone from tech, retail, fashion, software and more!


DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature: the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.


At EdApp, we’re on a mission to change the way the world learns at work. To get there, we’re making training more available to everybody, via our free mobile learning platform and blended training solution. Because we believe everyone should have access to top-notch learning and training on the job, no matter what the job, or where the job is.


edays absence management software is purpose-built to deal with absence, to comply locally but think and act globally, wherever you are in the world.

edays empowers businesses to better understand employee leave and identify key trends to proactively improve company culture.


Ento is a powerful workforce management platform for shift-based workforces. Founded in 2009, we’ve grown to over 60 employees with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Now, more than 380 medium to large businesses and over 90,000 employees use Ento on a daily basis to create 30 million plus rosters.


etrainu delivers sector specific learning solutions through its learning management system. With millions of users across a number of industries, etrainu is changing the way training is delivered.


Other Applicant Tracking Systems leave all the hard work to be done by the recruiter. For more than 15 years Expr3ss! has brought much-needed relief to recruiters. Relief from the burdens of evaluating, assessing, appraising, prioritizing, scheduling and all the hard work that goes into creating that final shortlist.


foundU empowers businesses to onboard, schedule and pay their workforce with ease and accuracy, reducing the amount of time your team spends on data entry style tasks. Built specifically for Australian businesses, and backed by an all Australian support team, foundU is designed to help enhance your staff’s experience.


One of the most popular email services, Gmail keeps track of all your emails with threaded conversations, tags, and Google-powered search to locate and find any message you need.


Go1 makes it easy for organizations to learn, with the world’s most comprehensive online library of learning resources. Go1 pulls the world’s top online learning providers into one place, delivering all the learning an organization needs in a single solution. With over 3.5 million learners – and growing – Go1 is a world leader in online learning.


Goody is an all-in-one platform for effortless business gifting. Whether you’re gifting to employees, clients, or sales prospects, Goody makes it easy to find and send the perfect gift.

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app helps you spend less time managing your schedule and more time enjoying it. Available on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents. Collaboratively edit documents with other people in real time.

Google Sheets

Create a new spreadsheet and edit it with others at the same time — from your computer, phone or tablet. Free with a Google account.

Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse Software is the leading hiring software for growing companies. Thousands of the most successful companies, like Allbirds, Betterment, ClassPass and DocuSign, use Greenhouse Software to optimize all aspects of their hiring and onboarding. With our powerful hiring approach, complete suite of software and services, and large integration ecosystem, your company will be ready to hire for what’s next.


HaitchR is the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with HR experts and human resource solutions around the globe that solve your daily challenges and help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.


The team at hireful are dedicated to helping everyday SMEs achieve recruitment success. With their user-friendly Applicant Tracking System (ATS), they streamline processes and eliminate hiring headaches. Attracting top talent is made effortless as their ATS enhances your careers page, improves response rates, and simplifies applications. Their ATS aims to improve D&I targets by using anonymised CVs, collecting diversity data, and making recruitment decisions based on reliable data. Their recruitment success programme helps hiring teams gain the confidence and skills they need. Plus, their UK support team picks up questions in minutes. Get back your time to focus on the real recruitment goals.


We help organisations build an academy that can give their people the skills, knowledge and mindset to be successful at what they do by connecting them with relevant learning at their point of need – everywhere they work.


Humanforce is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions for shift- and roster-driven workforces that streamlines onboarding, scheduling and time tracking for employees, while helping businesses improve productivity, optimise costs and realise compliance confidence.

intelliHR Public API

The intelliHR Public API allows our customers and partners to write their own custom applications that read or write data into the intelliHR data model. We’re always adding more endpoints and keen to get feedback from developers and systems integrators!

Intermix Workforce

Intermix Workforce is an HR outsourcing freelancing platform that connects HR experts with clients. HR experts can find work in a variety of HR-specific roles, and clients can find HR experts to complete specific tasks.


Recruitment management for talent acquisition specialists – JobAdder is designed to simplify and streamline the day-to-day tasks involved with recruitment management. The JobAdder Applicant Tracking System automates manual processes so you can focus on what’s really important – sourcing and interviewing candidates. JobAdder is an entirely cloud-based system, giving the modern talent manager total flexibility to recruit on the go from any mobile device. JobAdder’s multi-posting functionality allows you to post job ads to over 200 job boards, SEEK and LinkedIn, while global Customer Support is on hand 24/6.


KeyPay is a cloud-based workforce management and payroll platform available in Australia, the UK and NZ. KeyPay is a fully automated payroll solution, offering unparalleled time-saving benefits to businesses of all sizes. With automated payroll calculations, employee self-service, rostering, time and attendance, paperless employee onboarding and comprehensive mobile apps, KeyPay truly changes the way businesses work and pay.


A City & Guilds Group, Kineo is part of a global group with an amazing 140-year history of learning and helping people, businesses and economies grow. Leading the way in skills development, technology, credentialing, and workforce management, Kineo delivers on best practice for learning, providing award-winning learning solutions with measurable impact, and high-quality customer service.


LearnWorlds empowers online trainers, educators and enterprises to create unique, interactive and social learning experiences. An all-in-one platform to Create, Sell & Market your online courses and provide online training.

LeaveCal by Finlert

LeaveCal is the ultimate solution for leave and resource availability. Professional services business using Xero across Australia, New Zealand and the UK use LeaveCal every day to help plan workloads and understand who’s in and out.


Lever is an applicant tracking + CRM that draws the entire team together to source, nurture, interview, and hire top talent.


LiveHire is a recruitment software with ATS and CRM capabilities to provide your recruitment team, candidates and hiring managers with the best user experience to help you source, engage and hire the right talent.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Whether people are on-site or remote, give them seamless access to all their apps so that they can stay productive from anywhere. Automate workflows for user lifecycle and provisioning. Save time and resources with self-service management.

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used and free modern email service from Microsoft. It has a clean and clutter free interface and hooks right into other Microsoft services.

National Crime Check

National Crime Check is an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency providing Australian companies and organisations with reliable and fast police checks. We achieve this by utilising our secure online ID verification technology through a Co-Branded Solution. Apart from Australia’s best candidate experience, our solution is tailored to make staff compliance affordable, secure and efficient leaving our partners time to focus on core business. Use our 100% Australian support team now.

Op Central

Op Central helps multisite businesses to improve staff training, engagement, performance analysis, quality control and communications.


PayCaptain is the most helpful payroll solution on the planet, changing mundane payroll processes into a helpful/educational/flexible ‘getting paid’ experience.


Payroo Australia is a powerful but simple payroll software that companies love!

Look no further if you need to bring resourcing and process efficiencies, reduce administrative overhead and automate payroll compliance.

Payroo is focused on making payroll super easy and simple while being 100% compliant.


Perkbox is a global benefits and rewards platform that allows companies to care for, connect with and celebrate their employees, no matter where they are or what they want.

We ensure that companies with a complex workforce can still have a harmonised Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and culture, and keep each employee happy, healthy and motivated.

Available via the web and easy-to-use mobile app, your employees can truly use Perkbox any time, anywhere.

Phase 3

Phase 3 are leading providers of professional and managed services for HR, Payroll and Finance technologies. Our target audience is anyone who wants to get the most out of their people technology.


Attract, hire, and onboard top talent with Pinpoint—the applicant tracking system designed for internal talent acquisition teams, with unlimited support included.


Playroll is an employee first technology platform and employer of record that enables people centric-organisations hire and pay talent in 170 countries without the need for a local entity. Playroll also offers Visa support and is a turn-key solution for companies looking to hire global talent.
Founded on over 20 years hiring and growing locally compliant teams as part of the VAT IT Group, Playroll operates on a worldwide infrastructure and can help simplify the expansion of your business

Progress Retail

Progress Retail is a true one-stop-shop for retail operations and learning: providing dynamic learning, task execution, and company communications. An employee experience platform (EXP) that bundles renowned retail education in areas of sales training, leadership development, personal development, and more- creating increased engagement and productivity.


Make collaborative recruiting processes a breeze with our customisable ATS platform or our AI technology will help you source hard-to-find-talent to fill any role.


Safetrac provides comprehensive online training solutions for a broad range of compliance topics. We offer a large range of off the shelf courses, as well as the ability to customise these courses to your needs. In addition, we can create bespoke courses based on your requirements and content.


SafetyWing Remote Health is a global health insurance that covers all your employees and contractors worldwide under one plan, regardless of where they live. Add or remove members through a user-friendly dashboard.

Scout Talent

Scout Talent is a comprehensive talent acquisition platform empowering your organization’s strategic growth. Scout harnesses the power of technology with expertise to deliver service-enabled software specifically designed to achieve your talent acquisition goals.


SignRequest lets you sign documents online, eliminating the time-consuming and archaic print, sign, and scan process.

Silver Cloud HR

Silver Cloud HR is a whole of market digital transformation consultancy, specialising in HR, payroll and people-related technology.


Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Tick off your to-do list and make progress on your projects by bringing the right people, conversations, tools and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work whether you’re at your desk or on the go.


Soon is workforce management with a very gentle learning curve. If you have no WFM experience or training you can still make a schedule that works for your business. Once you get the hang of it, you can use the highly customizable setup to create more complex schedules. From a classic shift scheduling approach to a full self-scheduling autonomous team, and anything in between will work in Soon.


Springboard is the Australian-built, consumer-style recruiting platform that creates the superior, seamless candidate experience your employer brand deserves and unlocks the productivity your recruitment team needs.

Talent Tech Solutions

“Empower better hiring with Talent Tech Solutions. Get the competitive edge through optimised process, cutting edge technology and slick operations.”


Over the past thirteen years, Talos360 has firmly established itself as a market leader in talent SAAS solutions and online recruitment media, with our innovations in the HR software space solving tomorrow’s talent challenges.

We’re one of the most exciting and fastest growing people tech businesses in the UK, and our proprietary talent tech offers businesses a better way to attract, engage, and retain the best teams to survive, thrive, and grow.


– Talos ATS: The complete solution to easily attract, manage and onboard the very best candidates.

– Talos Engage: Talos Engage, our employee engagement and workforce analytics tool, gives you all the data you need to improve engagement, wellbeing, productivity, and retention.

– Talos Attract: From job advertising to headhunting and even full candidate management, Talos Attract offers your organisation the best way to find the talent you need.


Tanda is an all-in-one Workforce Management Software package offering onboarding, rostering, time and attendance, award interpretation and payroll integrations. Tanda’s features allow you to have clear visibility over your rosters and staff, ensuring you stay compliant with Australia’s tough labour laws. Use Tanda to take away the admin and focus on running your business.


Specifically designed to cater for school environments, the TASS finance and payroll solution combines an end-to-end finance system with an innovative school management platform – providing intuitive workflows and allowing you to connect staff and leverage data from multiple operational areas around your school’s community.


Whether hiring one person a year or several thousand, you, your team, and your candidates deserve a modern recruitment and employer branding platform that is efficient and enjoyable to use.

The Joinary

The Joinary connects tools like JobAdder, PandaDocs and KeyPay together to automate your repetitive manual tasks.

Tribal Habits

Tribal Habits is an Australian-based learning platform which seeks to help organizations of any size create, share and manage knowledge and training for all their employees and customers.


All businesses have the obligation to take reasonable steps at reasonable times to ensure their staff have and maintain a legal right to work in Australia. vSure makes Right To Work checks easy, by streamlining onboarding (including Visa Checks and Proof of Citizenship) and automating temporary visa monitoring.


Wishlist helps modern HR teams give employees one centralized platform to recognize individual and team contributions that drive key business results. The Wishlist platform integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and numerous HRIS/payroll systems.

Wishlist allows leaders to recognize and reward employees using a top-down recognition strategy while allowing peers to recognize each other using a peer-to-peer approach that aligns with your core values.

WORK180 Pty Ltd

Day-to-day, we support and celebrate companies that are truly committed to supporting women’s careers. Our endorsement is a clear sign of such commitment, making it easy for women to identify workplaces that will work for them.

Know Better – We provide HR teams with the tools, insights, and expertise needed to gain buy-in and maintain momentum for their gender equity efforts.

Do Better – Good intentions are not good enough. We support the employers we work with to take actions that will attract, nurture, and retain a diverse workforce.

Be Seen Better – Only available to companies truly committed to the careers of women, our endorsement is a sought-after seal of approval for job seekers.

Expect Better – We empower women with the information they need to choose workplaces that work for them. At the heart of this revolution is our transparent job board.


More than an applicant tracking system, Workable’s talent acquisition software helps teams find candidates, evaluate applicants and make the right hire, faster.


WorkJam revolutionizes the way HQs and their frontline work together. As the world leader in the digital frontline workplace, WorkJam combines two-way communication, task management, learning, scheduling tools and more to drive efficiencies and productivity. Available in over 45 languages, WorkJam turns workflow chaos into workforce orchestration®. HQs love it for its 410% ROI and employees love it because it puts workplace competencies right into their hands. If you want a happier frontline, you need to support them as individuals with upskilling, shift scheduling, and processes – all on one app.


Zaps handle work for you automatically, so you can focus on things that matter. You can create and customize Zaps in minutes.