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Founded in 2002, Axios IT is a leading custom software and App development firm, specialising in custom software to transform businesses and help entrepreneurs commercialise online products and services. With a strong national footprint across Australia, Axios assists clients in launching new online ventures through feasibility studies, prototyping, branding and market analysis. Axios services include customer databases, workforce scheduling, process automation, supply-chain integration and enterprise analytics.

Staff: 30+
Office: 1
Industry: Technology

Read the highlights of Axios’ experience below or download the case study below for the full details.

The challenge

Axios needed a way of facilitating people management that could scale as they continued to grow, supporting their people processes with less time and effort and the confidence that no task is left to chance.

Jason Goodridge, Chairman at Axios, knew they needed a scalable solution for people management: although they already had relatively sophisticated people processes, the processes were manual and they lacked a centralised, purpose-built system to manage HR, feedback and engagement activities.

The solution

In the six months since onboarding to intelliHR, Axios have used the platform to automate processes, drive employee engagement, identify skills gaps internally, and reduce the manual effort required for performance reviews.

Outcome #1: Performance reviews that perform better

After conducting performance reviews every six months using editable documents and DocuSign, Axios needed a simpler, more efficient, and effective process with less manual follow-up for busy leaders.

Through intelliHR’s versatile and customisable forms, the team has reduced the amount of back and forth email in their performance review process, confident in knowing that information is being lodged in the right place (and thrilled to not have to do it themselves manually!). Jason and the Axios team use the form design tool to build beautiful, custom forms that look and feel like the Axios brand, but are easier to for staff and managers to distribute, complete and store in one centralised source of truth.

Instead of looking back and trying to connect the dots on employee performance across the last twelve months, the performance reports now allow our managers to generate a summary of an employee’s goals and achievements in a single view.

Jason Goodridge

Jason Goodridge

Chairman at Axios

Outcome #2: Putting feedback on autopilot

With a culture of continuous feedback built into their business, Axios already had proven processes in place to provide feedback and recognition to staff, but they were manual and time-consuming for senior staff. Jason explained to us that by using intelliHR’s flexible, easy-to-use forms for feedback requests, Axios could customise and template the forms for different departments, creating a more personalised experience for staff, and better visibility for leaders.

Axios staff use the feedback forms feature to drive a variety of activities in their business, and intelliHR automatically integrates the information captured into the various features that Axios use, including performance reviews, employee check-ins and skills mapping.

Of the 1880 forms completed, this includes:

  • 522 x technical weekly wraps
  • 295 x weekly wraps
  • 462 x technical weekly wrap responses from Axios leaders and managers
  • 238 x recognition forms (10% of total forms completed!)
  • 117 regular leader reports (which is now an automated reporting update)

Key Takeaway

In the six months since onboarding to intelliHR, Axios staff have filled in over 1,800 forms in the platform.

Outcome #3: Planning for a bright future with skills mapping

To assist with strategic planning from both a financial and human capital perspective, Jason needed to identify which skills were business-critical and where skills were lacking. For a scaling business, this identification and visibility is key to future workforce growth and acceleration.

To achieve this, Jason leveraged intelliHR’s skills mapping feature, which enabled him to easily map out skills and get a clear picture of the movement and growth of skills in the business over time, allowing for informed and targeted upskilling and training.

The platform use and workflows made sense. It’s straightforward and intuitive and we are really excited to see what comes next for us with intelli helping us drive best-practice HR within our business.

Jason Goodridge

Jason Goodridge

Chairman at Axios


intelliHR is a people management platform helping HR, leaders and managers enhance performance, culture, engagement and retention. With built-in HRIS and powerful real-time analytics.

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Axios needed a way of facilitating people management that would save time and effort and could scale as they did. Find out how they did it with intelliHR.

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