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We’re saving you time with these new features

Feature Update

We’re saving you time with these new features

Insight |

We’re saving you time with these new features

Feature Update
One of the things we pride ourselves on at intelliHR is how quickly our product evolves to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. So check out the below features we built that were created from the feedback of our wonderful customers!

What’s New?

Easily visualize your team with our new directory

Our People Directory has had a major upgrade, this new feature will make visualizing your people easier than ever before! Each employee now has their own title, when hovered over you’ll be able to see their current work status (extended leave, upcoming staff, etc), contact information, job title, business unit and office location. If you click through on the tile, you’ll be able to access more employee information such as their supervisor and direct reports.

Introducing side by side forms to streamline your processes

We’ve been listening to our customer feedback and saved you some time completing your forms. Previously it was a bit fiddly completing a leader check-in form while switching tabs to see what their employee had submitted. So we said gone are the days of switching tabs, and we’re proud to be introducing side-by-side forms! Our customers can now easily view completed responses to one form, in a side-by-side view with the form they’re completing. No more juggling multiple tabs.

Filter pulses with ease

Sending a pulse has never been easier with our new filter. Now you can send pulses out to specific groups by filtering by Location and/or Business Entity. If you’re sending out loads of pulses, you can also put in exclusions for particular people so that they don’t receive a pulse they don’t need to see.

Bulk update cover banners

Previously cover banners could only be changed one by one, which was a bit of a time consuming task if you wanted your full platform to fit a certain theme or your branding. Now you can easily upload a cover image that will auto-populate to every employee profile.

Connect your tech platforms with Zapier

If you’re not already acquainted, then we are pleased to introduce you to our newest integration tool, Zapier. Our integration with Zapier serves as a connection from our platform to plenty of other technologies that you use within your business. Zapier is an online automation tool that connects applications together to automate repetitive tasks that have previously been needlessly time-consuming.

What are some integration examples?

Some of the most popular integrations that we have facilitated with Zapier include using learning management systems (LMS) and applicant tracking systems (ATS). For example we are seeing our customers create ‘Zaps’ between intelliHR and:

  • Go1 is an LMS, if you were to complete some training on their platform, the training log would pull through to the intelliHR system and automatically appear in your training completed area. If you’re using an ATS and you hire a person, the information will pull through to intelliHR and trigger an onboarding workflow.
  • Pandadoc has made contract offering easy with intelliHR. Send out your contracts with ease and record completed copies with your intelliHR platform. This will help your hiring processes and all policy signings.
  • Greenhouse is an ATS, track your candidates and when you hire them, they’ll easily populate in your intelliHR platform giving a seamless hiring process. You can also bulk upload training records from an LMS via google sheets, making your data needs a breeze.
  • Slack is an instant messaging system,with this integration you can now streamline your notifications with a simple zap!

Our product is constantly evolving and responding to the needs of our customers. If you’re interested in the opportunities of our technology for your people, we would love to continue the conversation.


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