Castle HR

Fractional, Modern HR for Startups and Small Businesses.


Castle HR is your own on-demand HR team, that uses a high-impact Modern HR Roadmap to help SMBs scale the right way.

Why Fractional HR?
Fractional HR is for you if you are leading a company of 15-75 people, based in Canada or the USA, and looking to scale your team more efficiently. If this is you, you probably need help with:
• Hiring and retaining top talent.
• Compliance with new laws and regulations.
• Spending less time on HR decisions.
• Maintaining a winning culture as you scale.
• Delegating to Elevating.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of founders and leaders leverage Modern HR strategies to build dream teams and hit their growth goals.

Our fractional, modern HR firm is 100% Canadian owned and fully independent. The Castle Family consists of Senior HR Professionals with 10+ years of experience (at a minimum) and dynamic disruptors focused on empowering leadership to better understand how to attract, motivate and retain game-changing talent.

Castle HR’s focus is to help companies grow – the mechanism we use is Modern HR.

We’re here to help!”

How Castle HR works with intelliHR

How Castle HR works with intelliHR

Castle HR provides expert advice and services around:

  • Senior HR Advice
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Retention

Learn more about Castle HR and intelliHR

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