Changing the way the world learns at work.


At EdApp, we’re on a mission to change the way the world learns at work. To get there, we’re making training more available to everybody, via our free mobile learning platform and blended training solution.

Because we believe everyone should have access to top-notch learning and training on the job, no matter what the job, or where the job is.

And better yet, we’re free – forever – for those who need us to be. That’s super important to us and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

We have two core customers that we support:

The “training” customer:

  • Small-to-medium organizations
  • No dedicated employee or department to facilitate training
  • Mostly blue-collar customers (like construction, hospitality)

The Learning & Development customer:

  • Larger organizations (like Deloitte, Colgate-Palmolive, BMW)
  • Dedicated L&D departments
  • Industry agnostic

How EdApp works with intelliHR

How EdApp works with intelliHR

EdApp is here to deliver top-notch training to your teams — no matter what the job or where your team is. Choose from over 800+ courses to edit in our free course library or create a course from scratch with our easy-to-use course creation tool and 80+ lesson templates. No time to do it yourself? Let EdApp do the heavy lifting with our content services – just send us existing training to get started and our course designers will give you beautiful and interactive courses in return. Included are other key features like Rapid Refresh, our built-in quiz maker, reporting & analytics, gamification, social learning, and certificates.

Access to quality learning training is not equal. When we first set out on our mission to democratize learning, we knew that there were 3 key pain points our customers experienced: Budget, time, and location.

Budget: Cost is often the biggest barrier to workplace learning. Traditional learning management systems (LMS) can cost upwards of $4,000 a year – not including necessary additional features like reporting, translation, or authoring tools. This often means that learning and development (L&D) programs are only accessible to those who have access to sizable budgets. That’s why EdApp is free – forever – for those who need us to be. This means no trial period. No restriction of features that would make the LMS impossible to use over the long term. No limit on lessons deployed, lessons taken, or the number of users. This decision has since led to millions of lesson completions for teams around the world – regardless of budget.

Time: HR generalists that work in SMEs simply don’t have months to create training material when they’re busy hiring and managing their teams – let alone organizing and delivering it in a workshop. To make the process of creating and delivering training easier, we built the world’s largest free, editable course library. With 800+ courses to choose from, HR professionals can easily select, rebrand, and edit any course to match their organizational guidelines – or use it as a starting block to develop more in-depth learning. This allows HR teams to quickly share important knowledge in minutes – not months.

Location: Not every team can get together quickly. Learners in underdeveloped countries have limited access and opportunities for education. Industries – such as construction, hospitality, and retail – work in shifts, sometimes without a back-office for training. As smartphone ownership continues to grow – even in underdeveloped countries – EdApp’s mobile-first platform allows learners to access training anytime, anywhere. But, they also don’t leave out those that prefer to learn from their desk. EdApp also features a Learner Desktop Experience.

Technical information

  • Easily create content with our easy-to-use course creation tool and 80+ lesson slide templates.
  • Have access to an editable course library with 800+ courses covering topics from safety to customer service
  • Instantly deploy courses at scale in minutes.
  • Track every training and learning interaction with a comprehensive and robust reporting & analytics suite.
  • Built to be mobile-first with learning strategies to increase information retention like microlearning and gamification.

Learn more about EdApp and intelliHR

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