Get $600 to send effortless employee gifts. Goody is an all-in-one platform for effortless business gifting.


Goody is an all-in-one platform for effortless business gifting. Whether you’re gifting to employees, clients, or sales prospects, Goody makes it easy to find and send the perfect gift.

If you’re looking to boost employee engagement at your company, you can set up automatic gifts for milestones like employee birthdays or work anniversaries. Autogifting is powered by our seamless integration with intelliHR.

Goody’s gift collection includes 250+ highly curated brands, including Ember mugs, Milk Bar, Therabody, Levain Bakery, Apple Airpods, and Lula’s Garden.

Our unique gift acceptance flow means you don’t need to worry about anyone’s shipping info, size, or allergies to send a gift they’ll love. That’s because recipients provide all their shipping details when they accept your gift, and they can swap your gift for equal or lower-priced options, with no pricing shown.

How Goody works with intelliHR

How Goody works with intelliHR

Goody integrates seamlessly with intelliHR, powering automated gifts for employee milestones like birthdays or work anniversaries.

You can import your employees’ information in minutes, and set up personalized, thoughtful employee engagement gifts. Thanks to our integration with intelliHR, your employee recognition program will scale effortlessly as people leave or join your organization.

Employees get a beautiful digital card and unwrapping experience, which can be customized with your branding. They provide their own shipping information when they accept a gift. Best of all, they can swap your gift for one of equal or lesser value, with no pricing shown.

  • According to Forbes, 76% of millennials say they would leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. Another study by Harvard Business Review found that thoughtful employee gifts can improve productivity by as much as 25% — far more efficiently than the cash bonuses.
  • Yet in spite of the clear ROI, few businesses have systematic programs in place to recognize employees for milestones like work anniversaries or birthdays.
  • Goody’s intelliHR integration lets businesses set up employee recognition gifting in minutes, scaling effortlessly as employees join and leave your team. – US-headquartered intelliHR customers get an exclusive $600 gift credit when they sign up for an annual subscription to our Employee Engagement plan (which costs about $100/month for most companies).

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